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So you're abandoning me? Fine then! But you better come back! I've got all kinds of links arranged here just for you to enjoy!
Adopted Little Creatures ^_^

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Other Sites By Me:
The Crossroads (Collection of *ALL* my sites)
Yucca German Shorthaired Pointer Club
My AOL Rhydin characters!
Pokemon Island
Anime Adventures

The Lying Horse Inn All kinds of anime stuff, galleries, MP3s... and It's all by my best friend! Go now!

Animanga Dimension

A really big site... I'm a member... It's really good too ^_^
Faroff Lands: Pokemon RPG It's an RPG... A Pokemon one... go fig. Message board-style ^_^
We're all nice and don't bite, so feel free to join us!
Dragon Slave FanDubs A FanDub company I'm in! I'm Filia, the golden dragon! ~_^
[Anime Web Turnpike]Anime Web Turnpike The Turnpike... if you havn't been here you are *really* missing out on anime websites... this has gotta be the world's biggest collection of links ever...
Filia's Teahouse She was my favorite Slayers Try character... see the dubbing page above and you'll understand...
A Valgaav Shrine The other Slayers Try character I like! The two dragons... see a trend here?
Mako Taipan's Zine This is suuuuch a cool page! Go to the adoptions page and look at the cute wolfie I got from here! CLAMP heaven. Really, these are the best sites about series by CLAMp I've ever seen!
Random Page ??? A page with scans from a Pokemon CD that includes cute drawing instructions
Anime Laws of Physics The classic anime humor thing!
C.h.o.R.U.S. The Church of Ryouga and Ukyou-Sama! Yea! My favorite Ranma
Jedi's Pokemon Page I don't remember... And I'm too lazy to fid out. I'm sure it's good though!
Savage Garden anime-style FanArt My favorite band, drawn anime-style!
Go to Brock-O-Rama now! A Brock shrine... how cool! This is a great site! It even has his image song!
Pickachuu's Pokeball Nicly put together site...
Pokemon World *HUGE* site that pretty much just sells things...
Google The greatest search engine ever!
Weiss Kreuz Site ??? I don't know the name ~.~;; It's a nice Ken+Aya page
Cyber Dojo Huge, huge anie archive! Has drinking games for just about everything ^_^

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