Civil War & Earlier Bottles, Pipes, Toothbrushes, Syringes & Related Relics

Civil War Relics including Civil War Buttons, Buckles, Blue Decorated Stoneware, Bottles, Clay Pipes, Pontil Medicines, Pontil Squat Sodas, etc.

8a. Flint Glass 1850's HARRISONS COLUMBIAN PERFUMERY Cologne Bottle
8b. Dug Pontilled Civil War Rolled Lip Aqua Umbrella Inkwell
8d. Civil War open pontiled Osgood's New York India Cholacogue medicine bottle
8e. c.1845 Whiteware Pitcher With Blue Banded Concentric Ring Decoration
8f. White Slip Trail Decorated Early American Redware Pie Plate
8g. Dug Open Pontil Olive Amber Snuff Jar, Dug Civil War Case Gin, Super Fancy Pontil Leather Covered Flask/Cup
8h. Dug Civil War White Clay Pipe Bowl w/Large Stem
8i. Dug Open Pontil Embossed Aqua Colored Medicine Bottle
8l. Super Crude 1855-60 Teakettle Tea Kettle Ink Bottle
8m. Dug Civil War yellow green master ink
8n. Rare Non Dug Cobalt Blue Civil War U.S.A. Hospital Dept. Bottle
8o. Dug Civil War Rolled Lip Aqua Umbrella Inkwell
8p. Iron Pontil Fancy 3-Sided Morning Star Bitters Bottle
8s. Dug Early 1840s Broken Pontil Fancy Flint Glass Cruet
8v. Dug Goodyear's Patent 1851 Hard Rubber Mustache or Nit Comb
8x. Group of Dug Decorated Civil War White Clay Pipes & Stems

8y. Dug Dr. Tobias Venetian Liniment Medicine Bottle
8z. Dug Green FBC Civil War squat soda bottle
8aa. Dug Open Pontil Lightly Fancy Cologne Bottle
8ab. Salt Glaze Stoneware Wheel Thrown Quart Size Beer Cobalt Blue Top
8ac. 1850's Mold Blown Flint Glass Mini Decanter or Cruet
8ad. Early 19th Century Dug Sand Pontilled Black Glass Liquor Bottle
8ae. Open Pontil 12-Sided Aqua Umbrella Ink Well*
8ah. Dug 1850's Civil War Black Hard Rubber Syringe With Plunger
8ai. 1840 Presidential Election HARRISONS COLUMBIAN PERFUMERY Cologne Bottle
8ak. Dug Early 1840's Heart Decorated White Clay Pipe Bowl
8al. Large H. SNELL Maker Marked Stoneware Beer With an Early Do-nut Top
8am. Fancy c.1845 Flow Mulberry Dinner Plate
8an. Cylindrical Aqua Colored Late 1850's VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM Medicine Bottle
8ao. Non Dug Sparkling Civil War Ribbed Peppersauce Bottle
8ap. Pre Civil War Fancy Flow Mulberry Decorated Plate
8aq. Dug Open Pontil Civil War Ribbed Peppersauce Bottle
8ar. Iron Pontil Fancy 3-Sided The Great Tonic Caldwell's Herb Bitters
8as. Neat Dug Black Glass Master Inkwell. c.1850s
8at. 1850's Sand Chip Pontiled Olive Amber Squat Utility Bottle

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