Super Crude 1855-60 Teakettle Tea Kettle Ink Bottle

Antique c.1855-1860 sided teakettle inkwell. This is the crudest tea kettle I have ever seen. The glass in the furnace must have been down to the rock bottom as the glass is loaded with bubbles, fire brick, and other imperfections. fyi: I dug this exact same ink bottle in a Civil War, c.1862, Pa. soldier's winter hut. It It has a nice molded pattern and a long crack off neck. This is an American made bottle. It has a smooth base with light wear. I do not think it is dug. It is a bit dirty. The example of this ink that I dug is actually cleaner, but I still don't think this one is dug. It has some smoothed over and partially open bubbles from manufacture. It also has the crack off lip and loads of junk in the glass that are also from manufacture. It stands 1 11/16" tall and 2 3/4" wide. It is a neat bottle. $185