The purpose behind this exit list is to fill in the gap of US-2.  Currently, US-2 stops in
the Macinac Island, MI area and resumes in Rouses Point, NY.  This exit list runs along the
Great Lakes from Macinac Island to near Thousand Islands, NY, then within a few miles of the
Canadian border until it reaches Rouses Point, NY.  After a brief multiplex with US-11, 
fictional US-2 gives way to real US-2 heading to Vermont and points east.  Fictional US-2 
isn't totally run on fictional roadways.

Fictional US-2 has a north-south alignment through the state.  The fictional portion runs
from Macinac Island, MI, multiplexed with I-75 over the bridge, then as either full freeway
or partial limited access to suppliment I-75 down to Detroit.  From Detroit to the state line,
US-2 is multiplexed with I-75.

Fictional US-2 in Ohio really isn't very fictional.  It starts multiplexed with I-75, then
I-80.  It runs along the OH-2 freeway to its eastern terminus at US-20.  Then, I sucked US-20
in with fictional US-2 to create a 3 state fictional multiplex.

US-2/US-20 is multiplexed on fictional roadways through the northern portion of the state.
Fictional US2/US-20 is partial access for its short run through the state.

US-2 begins multiplexed with US-20.  It then lets 20 go on its own, and multiplexes with NY-5.
The displaced portion of NY-5, I renamed NY-5H.  After the ride multiplexed with 5, fictional
US-2 generally runs along the northern portion of New York all the way up to Rouses Point
where after a brief multiplex with US-11, joins real US-2.  This exit list ends on the New
York/Vermont state line (after 0.89 miles of real US-2).

US-2 in Michigan             (346.00 miles)
US-2 in Ohio                 (190.14 miles)
True fictional US-2 in Ohio  ( 38.50 miles)
US-2 in Pennsylvania         ( 46.47 miles)
US-2 in New York             (480.92 miles fictional 481.81 miles total)

The whole thing in one shot  (1,063.53 miles)