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NJ Summer Biathlon

Race Schedule of NJ Summer Biathlon

Race Dates:
Sunday, May 21 - 5k
Sunday, June 25 - 5k
Sunday, July 30 - 5k; Garden State Games
Sunday, September 10 - 8k
Clinic at 8AM on race day; race start time is 10AM.

Print Version of 2006 Race Application

Distance: Races in May, June and July will be 5K; September's race will be an 8K event.
Race Format 5K:5K RUN WITH 2 SHOOTING STOPS! The 5K race and timing starts with runners entering the course at one minute intervals. Running at a comfortable pace, you run the first loop of approximately 1 mile. Walk the last 50 meters or so into the range, catch your breath, then lay down and pick up the easy-to-shoot .22 caliber rifle. From this position, you shoot 5 shots at metal knock-down targets. Aim carefully, because every hit earns you a 15 second time credit off your running time!
biathlon targets
Walk rapidly out of the range and then run the second 1 mile loop. Again, relax as you walk into the range. Once at a shooting position, pick up the rifle and take careful aim as you shoot 5 more shots from the standing position. This time, earn a 30 second time credit for every target you hit!
biathlon targets
Walk rapidly out of the range and run the final mile loop. Your final race time will consist of your running time minus your time credits earned from hitting your targets.
Registration: Pre-registration is strongly recommended!! Pre-registration fee is $20.00 per race. Registration fee on race day is $25.00 per race. Discounts are as follows: $3.00 discount per race for USBA members; $2.00 discount per race for ANJRPC members. To join the USBA go to the web site To join the ANJRPC go to the web site Please bring membership cards (ANJRPC and/or USBA) and clinic cards to the race to present upon packet pick-up. Make checks payable to ANJRPC. PayPal payments are accepted as bank transfer only, not credit card ( Entry fee includes clinic, use of equipment, ammunition, t-shirt, refreshments and awards. Entry fees are non-refundable. NOTE: These are foot races, run on trails. For the safety of all participants, baby joggers, baby strollers, bicycles, rollerskates/blades, skateboards, pets, etc. will not, under any circumstances, be permitted on the race course.
Eligibility: Open to all athletes ages 14 and over who complete a MANDATORY and free safety and familiarization clinic. Please note, because of range limitation, field is limited to 50 participants, so register early!
All participants in the July race will be eligible for prizes, but only NJ residents will be eligible for Garden State awards. Please bring one form of identification (driver's license, etc.) to verify residency for Garden State Games and NJ Summer Biathlon State Championship awards. Clinics: All first-time participants are required to attend one pre-race biathlon safety and familiarization clinic. At the clinic you will learn the rules of the sport, correct shooting positions, safety procedures, and race strategy. Clinics will be held at the race site on each race day and will begin at 8AM.
Awards: Prizes will be awarded to the first three overall men and women, and age group awards will be presented in each of the following categories: top three male and female: 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.
Directions: Route 287 to Route 23. Drive north on Route 23 for approx. 12.5 miles to Canistear Road. Proceed on Canistear Road for approx. 4 miles and turn right onto Range Road. Proceed mile to Clubhouse and Range.
Information: For further information on the race, contact Chris Rogers at (908)722-9327,
For information on Summer Biathlon events throughout the US, call the USBA at 1-800-BIATHLON or visit
For information about the ANJRPC, visit


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