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Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

To my Most Excellent and Honoured Lord,

My Lord Father being gravely ill with gout in the hands, to such an extent that it hinders him from writing, at his order and by his charge I write myself to recommend to you the affair you know of with the gentlemen responsible for the 'Mount' (i.e., the official usurers) of Mantua who continually molest my Lord Father and desire at all costs to be paid, threatening him even with the confiscation of his goods which would be a grave loss and ruin of our house and a scandal: seeing that the heavy expenses that have hold on him here at Court do not make it convenient for him to be able to satisfy at once and quamprimum his creditors: I beg that Your Lordship would intervene, kissing whose hands I finish: from Madrile, the 16th day of August, 1583. Your Lordship's most humble and devoted servant, Aluigi Gonzaga.

Aloysius would often have to handle the affairs of his father.

Ignore the spelling again. The above letter and translation are from Father Maritndale's "The Vocation of Aloysius Gonzaga."

Early Life