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Afternoon Delight
Part 3



We lay quietly on the floor, with a scattered array of clothing underneath us. Breathing had long since returned to normal. Still, we just lay there. Floating. Shaken by the intensity of the experience we had just shared. Gabrielle cuddled up impossibly closer, as she lay in her favorite spot, on my back. Her short frame allowed her to nestle her head just below my shoulders and allowed her torso to cradle against the pronounced sway. The curve of my buttocks provided a nest for her still damp mound, and her legs were able to deliciously tangle with mine.

Gabrielle sighed in contentment. I smiled. She had surprised me. Never did I think she was capable of such things. My Gabrielle. She had never been shy about sex only a little tentative. In the year we have been together, I know now that it had vanished. She took me, commanded me, and dammit I loved it. I added my own sigh and turned my head to the otherside, hoping to dose. But, my ears perked up when I heard her speak.

"Xena,"she whispered. Her voice still roughened with desire just spent.

"I want more. I don't wanna stop."

My heart stopped as did my breathing. More. The idea frightened and thrilled me. I whimpered at the thought of her hands and mouth on my body again.

I didn't even try to clear my dry throat and wasn't at all surprised by the shakiness in my voice."Pplease touch me. More."

I felt her heart beat in the same rhythm of my own.

"Slower. Slower this time,"She remarked.

I didn't mind slow. I just wanted it hot. Tiny fingers scorched a path up my arms. I shivered as the goosebumps returned or had they ever left?

"God, I love the way your body reacts to me."

I quivered again and added a moan. She continued to trail her fingers over arms and then slowly over sensitive shoulders then up to the nape of my neck.

I could feel her warm breath against the skin of my back, sensitizing it as she spoke. "Xena, no matter what I do. No matter how much you want to. You WILL not touch yourself."

Could I keep that promise? She makes me so wet and obviously she still wanted control. It would make me wetter.

"Gabrielllllle,"I was able to rasp out.

"Promise me!"

Not wanting to deny her or myself pleasure. I only nodded my head. I felt her moving up then I heard her voice deeper, sultrier than before. "You remember that day when I found out what this does to you?" She slowly traced her hand through my hair from the nape to the middle of my head-"and how you ended up rubbing that delicious clit of yours?"I moaned going down a sexy memory lane and turned my head to the side to guide the obliging hand all the way through. The other hand joined it's mate, pushing through the damp tangles. I felt the beginnings of a purr rumble through my chest and let it out as electric tendrils danced over my skin. My body arched natually into the pleasure.

"Yesss. That's it. I know it feels good. Let me hear you,"I heard her groan. I loved her voice. It moved over me, enveloped me like a warm blanket, with the temperature slowing moving upward.

I arched back further and came into teasing contact with the hard tips of her full breasts. "Shit," I hissed. The vulgarity escaping as the warmth shot up several notches. My body hummed and crackled as if it was on fire. The breath rattled in my chest, making breathing difficult. It was utterly overwhelming. The tender weight of her on top of me; her hands in my hair; her breast against my skin.

"No,there can't be anymore." As the thought flowed through my mind, I felt something new and just as compelling. Gabrielle's still wet mound rubbing against my ass. I felt it slowly but surely humping softly against my cheeks. My stomach fluttered, and I felt the warm gush of my own moisture slick my thighs. I was hers again. I was ready, again. She had control, again. I lost it.

"Unghhh, Gabrielle! I can't take.."

"You can take it. You can. Mmmm, you feel so soft-- so warm. Do you feel it Xena?"

"Ffeel wwhat?"
I asked. My head was swimming and I burned from the inside out.

"My clit rubbing against your ass."

"Ohhhh, God...I need---"
I had no idea what I was saying for I was only reacting. Coherence was a thing of the past.

"I know what you need. You need me to fuck you dont you!?"

"Ohhhhhh, yess!"
That voice. Those words. Too much.

The ache was insurmountable. It was that ache that spurned my hips forward. I almost moaned again as the clothes under me bunched between my legs, providing my clit with alternate stimulation. She rode me. Hard. I clenched my ass, capturing her erect flesh. Her scream was heaven to my ears. With each grunt, she whispered hot words, vulgar words, sexy words. Faster my hips pounded to her words words. I was keeping her part of the deal, wasn't I?

The busy fingers disappeard from my hair and reappeared against my hips. Her hands bit into me, holding me down, controlling me. I gasped, wanting to control the pleasure. The sounds, oh God, the sounds. I could hear the smacking of wet skin. So erotic. The air was heavy with the raw, musky smell of sex.

It all turned me on, making me hotter and wetter. Harder. I needed it harder. "Uh, fuck me!" I had to let her know. There was no way I could hold it in. In the distance, I heard sobbing. I didn't know if it was her or me. I didn't care. With our bodies straining, stretching, pumping, she continued to whisper. "I love you. I love fucking you!"

I cried out. I heard it. I felt it in the soreness of my throat. I felt ectasy stabbing at me, grabbing me. So close. Red gold hair streamed down the side of my face. I could see it out the corner of my eyes before I closed them. A flash of pain mingled with the pleasure when I felt small teeth bite into the back of my shoulder. I growled.

Muscles strained and breathing continued to rasp unevenly and audibly. Then, in a perfect symphony of orgasmic pleasure, cries rang out piercing the quiet. Helpless whimpers with still gyrating bodies continued. She lay limply on top of me breathing harshly, and hips still bucking softly. I lay there unable to move; unable to think; and unable to collect myself, muttering nonsense into the air with her whimpers. I moaned as the pleasant weight was lifted. My body so sensitized I could probably breath and come. Opening my eyes I saw blue-green smiling back at me. She giggled and whispered in my ear, "Up on your hands and knees, Xena."

"Pleasee need rest. Just a minute." I did a mental double take. Insatiable---see Gabrielle.

"Now, Xena. Pleasee?"

Ahhh, the recuperative powers of the young. She knew that I could deny her nothing, even if she was trying to kill me. Still, if I have to go, I want to go with a modicum of pride knowing I could keep up with her. I smirked to inwardly and got up precariously on wobbly knees. Gabrielle shifted down, and I jumped feeling a puff of hot air on wet, coated nether lips. Small hands grasped my hips again encouraging me to kneel over her face. I was so open and still so swollen, and God so sensitive. The tongue I knew was small seemed large as a long swipe started from the back to my front. Then without warning she just...dove in. Licking away the sticky juices and making me produce more. I had no choice. I screamed as feeling burst from between my legs, shooting through my body. Her talented tongue licked down one side and up another, nibbling and sucking.

I dropped my head forward and saw a remarkable sight, sparkling blue-green eyes looking back at me from between my quivering thighs. Those eyes beckoned me to watch, and I obeyed, willing myself to stay upright. Balled fist went to my side with fingernails almost cutting paths through the skin of my hands. Red hair covered the carpet like a fiery halo and moved with its owner back and forth, up and down. Oh, God I was so wet, and I could hear her lapping up every drop with murmurs of enjoyment. It only served to drive me higher. Her tongue and lips played peek-a-boo with my clit, causing my hips to surge forward. The wet muscle some how stiffened, I and I rode it, allowing my clit to brush back and forth over it. My hips jerked and bucked like a seperate entity along with the constant groans that slipped from my lips.

It drove me crazy with frustration and pleasure. Her tongue refused to stay in one place for long. Finding another home, it slipped and slid around my opening then speared inside, deep. Even though my throat was dry, a strangled growl fell from my lips. Fuck, it felt so damn good. I wanted to feel it forever, but I knew it couldn't last. Especially when I saw those eyes twinkling up at me. She was up to something. Something that was probably going to make me come, make me scream, make me fly.

I felt Gabrielle's slippery tongue slide out of my sex. I swear I saw steam coming from between my legs. I Swear! The tongue was replaced with a strong suction. Then, mercifully, the wet member plunged back in repeatedly. I'm going to die. I just know it. It's too much and too good. The pace of her tongue quickened to corresponde with my wildly moving hips. It slurped in and out, in and out, making my blood boil and making me want to scream again. So, I did.

My hips gyrated faster and faster. Just when she thought I couldn’t take it anymore, my clit became her plaything. She raked her teeth over the shaft before sucking it in, pulling on it. Her tongue was like a hot brand, scorching and flammable.

Quiete awareness surrounded me, hearing only my cries, my roaring blood, and her hungry, lapping tongue. Stillness turned into violence as my body fell forward injury saved by semi-quick hands. My head reared back. I could feel the wet strands slap the skin of my back, and I roared. The convulsions beat and pummeled me, ensuring that orgasm inched its way through my entire body. Stars exploded behind my eyes and then mercifully--nothing but blackness. How she held onto me and flipped us over is a miracle. I'll have to ask her about it later, when I'm coherent.

I never saw the loving look in her eyes or felt her push wet hair off my forehead before she kissed it. I only felt the pleasant jerking of my body with the onset of aftershocks. I certainly never saw what awaited me next, gleaming in satisfied sea green.

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