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Dislcaimer Two: This story depicts graphic consensual sex between two women in love. There is also the use of strong language. If this offends you, then what are u doing here lol go on shoo!! Feedback is being begged for and is welcome at Minerva.

This is the fourth installment in the Afternoon Delight series but maybe not the end due to popular demand. Enjoy. Here, some of that sexy little mood hit me here too.

Afternoon Delight
Part 4



© 1999 by Minerva

I sat and waited patiently, gently stroking soft, raven hair. The air was heavy and active with the smell of sex, and I added to it by whispering, "Xena, have I got a surprise for you when you wake up love." Petting the hair a couple more times, I got up and sauntered into the unused bedroom, humming in exhausted delight. Drawers opened and belongings were shifted to reveal the little toy from its hiding place. I found what I needed to make the night complete, to make her submission complete. I rubbed my hands over the tip and sides, loving the satiny feel of rubbery flesh. I never thought of myself as the type to use this kind of thing, but touching her, taking her this way was essential.

The feeling I had identified as insecurity screamed at me during waking hours. How could this woman want me, love me, desire me? I didn't listen to the feeling or the little voice that followed often, but I listened to it enough. Today, now, if she can submit to me in this way. I will know that I am the one who hold's her heart, her soul, her body. Only someone with extreme trust and devotion could give in where power was the usual, and Xena was power. She hummed with it. I only shared or wallowed in it once in a while. Today, I was going to have it. Walking out of the bedroom, it swung in my hand.

Reaching Xena’s prone body, I stood over her. The only sound was deep even breathing and the rustle of velcro as I stepped in the bands attached to the toy. The additional appendage slid in smoothly through the left over wetness. I moaned, feeling utterly decadent. Looking down, I continued to admire the olive skin glowing in the moonlight and the hair that gleamed blue in its blackness. She felt my eyes and stirred. I observed the deep purr and luxurious stretch. She was indeed the well fed cat. Satiated and lazy. The purr turned into speech as she peered around the dark room.


"Right here,"
I answered. My voice thick and husky with excitement of what was to come. I smirked at my own joke. Xena was going to come. Again. Hard.

"God, baby you—" she stammered.

"Shhhhh, I know." She wanted to thank me, praise me, beg for more maybe? I didn't need any of that. I just wanted to know where and to whom she belonged.



"Do you belong to me?"


My heart beat faster at the admission. It was a smile victory. "Your heart is mine?"

I could see her squinting in the darkness, confused and eager.

Intentionally, just to see the outline of her body shiver, my voice lowered an octave. It became thick, throaty, and sensual. I knew she loved that. "Your body is mine."It was a statement not a question.

"God . . . yess"

Her voice was shaky and unsure. I knew then that she knew where this was heading. . .toward pleasure. I lay down on my stomach beside her, close enough to whisper in her ear and reach out to touch. Power coursed through my veins. I felt alive, anxious, hot and unbelievably wet. The game had to go on. I whispered huskily in her ear while tweaking a nearby nipple between thumb and forefinger.

"Is this mine?"

Xena’s breath sucked in audibly."Ohhh, fuck yessss!"

The air was noisy again with the sound of ragged breathing. I licked her lips. God, I liked this game. With the thumb of my free hand, I flicked her other nipple. "Mine." Xena nodded her head.

I knew how to turn her on. Never had I felt more confident. Feeling cocky, I turned it up a notch. the sound of my voice. Yes, I knew it drove her crazy. "Look at them Xena. They look so lonely. They need me. . ." My hips jumped upon hearing the most sensuous moan escape her lips. I whimpered myself, feeling wet walls scrape against the smaller dildo inside me. Wetter, no there had to be a stronger word. Drenched, yes I felt drenched. Even with the air saturated with sexual acts that had occurred before, I could smell it anew. The heat. The muskiness. Hers. Mine. Ours. It served to galvanize me into continued action.

"They need me to do this.."I leaned down and quickly whisked my eager tongue over the engorged nipple. Silky. Salty. Delicious. I closed my eyes to savor it. It only made me ache for more. Xena sobbed and arched her back trying to force more of herself into my hungry, waiting mouth. it tasted so good. My tongue flicked harder, wetter. I could hear the wet plop as I shifted it from side to side. Her moans had gotten louder and longer, shooting fire to the apex of my thighs. She had to be soaked. I sucked the nipple in to where it belonged. In my mouth. In the back of my throat with my teeth and tongue dancing, prancing over it. I knew it liked it's moist, warm home just like it's owner. Her fingers buried into my hair pulling me toward her. I am not a neglectful lover you see I didn't want the other one to feel lonely, so it found a place in the pads of my fingertips. They magically moved with the rhythmic sucking. Xena whimpered and clawed into the carpet.

I was right and she told me so. She was "so wet." "God, you make me so wet." Her speech was broken, breathy.

I had to feel it. Enveloping me. Encouraging me. My free hand found its way to wet folds. We both moaned at the contact. Hot creaminess scorched me. I wanted to be inside. I needed to be inside. Oh God, she felt so good under me, so soft, so warm. My lips started a trail of hot kisses beginning with that delectable mouth to shoulders, breasts and belly. The moist heat from her sex covered my stomach, but I was careful not to let her feel everything. It was a surprise after all. Her body arched under me, moving fluidly.

She was puddy in my hands.

The room was filled with a chorus of moans. I slid further down Xena’s body, dipping and swirling into her belly button, and even that caused her lover's body to buck and shiver. Further down still, I came face to face with her soppy sex. Power and arousal rushed through my blood, making me growl like a barbarian about to conquer. It was all mine, and I told her so. "Mine too Xena."

Licking the indentation of each thigh, I hummed at the sweet flavor of her arousal that had oozed down. My fingertips found purpose as they ran from the insides of raised knees the highest point of strong, inner thighs. The quiver of the muscles enticed and beckoned me to go on, closer to the ultimate prize.

Xena scooted and shimmied her body trying for more contact, but my slow, deliberate rhythm could not be shaken. Parting swollen, glistening inner lips with just the tip of her tongue, I traced them up and down. She cried out in pleasure and arched her hips, pushing her pulsing sex into my face. Undaunted and with strength born of arousal induced adrenaline I pushed her hips back down, and relentlessly sucked the lip in question into my mouth lovingly. I had no need to search. I needed only to look up a bit to see rigid flesh peaking from it's hood. It begged to be kissed just by being there. I was much obliged, especially with the extra incentive of the constant sensual moaning. Could I get any wetter?

I brushed and flicked Xena’s clit lightly once, twice, three times, and then slowly pushed myself up on my hands, licking the juices from my lips. I could die there, between her legs, but I had other things in mind for right now. Azure eyes seemed to glow in the semi-darkness. I could see the indignant look. Yeah, she wanted more, and God help me cause I was going to give it to her.

"It’s mine Xena. It’s so wet, so soft and its saying you need to be fucked. I can fuck you any way I want baby, and I’m gonna fuck you like this!"

Just like that, I filled her. Deep and throbbing. The smaller apendage thrust deep within me. I couldn't control the loud gasp of pleasure. God, help me, but I almost came right there just listening to her.

"Oh FUCK, oh god yessssss!" Xena screamed in approval.

Her eyes were wide and searching through the dimness trying to see. Propping herself up a little more, I gave her the view she wanted. I was in side her. Moist curly red-blonde hair met crisp black. We watched the flesh colored dildo, sliding in and slowly out, shiny with moisture. It had to be the most erotic moment in my life, being inside her and watching as I eased myself in and out. Oh, fuck I wanted to scream. She did it for me. "Oh god fuckmefuckmefuckme! Gonna come. . . need to come!" Our bodies slapped together with a wet clap. I gasped for breath as she began to move with me, making the smaller dildo come to life between my legs. Pleasure pooled in my belly and snaked up the backs of my legs toward my spine. But, I wanted her to wait for me. I wanted us to do this together. With one of my last thoughts, I had to speak.

" Nooo, Xena not till I say!"

"Look at me! This is me fucking you. . .this is me loving you!"

Our eyes were glued to one another. Xena wrapped her legs around my calves. Her sweaty palms found a place on my buttocks, trying to quicken the pace. I worked hard. Sweat drenched my body and stung my eyes, but the plug inside only made me aware of the delicious friction between my legs. The air was alive with the luscious sound of skin slapping, sensual grunts and whimpers.

"Ohhhh Gabrielle. Shit. Ughnnnn, harder."

My hips followed her command immediately. I was so near the edge that I could see it. The sounds she was making, the feel of her; it was all too much. She had to take the tumble with me. I leaned down a little and whispered throatily, "Come for me Xena. Come with me." I gyrated my hips in a circular motion, making sure to touch her everywhere. I don't know if it was my voice or the sweet little move, but it was enough for her. Her body began to shake as whimpering sobs fell from her mouth like a language. I could feel my arms giving out, but I was still able to thrust one, two, three, four more times before heat, feeling and light shook me to the core. It was exquisite. Bodies arched, gyrated and strained drawing out every ounce of pleasure leaving senses and nerves exposed and tender. No movement except softly bucking hips was possible. No speech except for harsh deep breathing and the occasional gentle whimper. The last thought I had before blessed oblivion was "You ARE mine." Tired, satiated, I nestled in my second favorite place inside her warmth as the darkness turned into pitch.

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