Disclaimer one: While this story is in the uber genre, the characters resemble Xena and Gabrielle of Xena Warrior Princess. These characters are the property of MCA, Universal, Rob T., etc. I am just borrowing them. However, this story is mine all mine--from my little head to your imagination.

Disclaimer Two: This story contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between two women in love. There is also some mild language. If this offends you or you are underage please look elsewhere.

This story is a continuation of Afternoon Delight. I have changed a few things. Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome. Minerva

Afternoon Delight
Part 2



1999 by Minerva

I opened my eyes slowly and stared at the far wall. Brushing red-gold hair from my eyes, I let the thoughts bounce through my head."Should I let her rest or should I keep her going?" I could feel a devilish smile forming, definitely keep going definitely."Xena," I purred surprised at the husky timber of my own voice,"turn around, get against the wall and stretch your arms above your head."

I could see her indecision and the mirth shining in the luminescent blue gaze. "Uh, um last time I checked I wasn't armed sweetie," she cooed.

"Oh, har har too bad your not as dry as your sense of humor right now my dear. In fact,"
I heard myself retort.

In what I knew to be a bold move, I covered her wet mound with the open cup of my hand, and tried not to shiver in reaction. In an effort to control and cover my own growing arousal, I slipped into glib mode. This was my show. I was in control, and I wanted the baby blues to reflect that." I'd say you may never be dry again." I chuckled in delight.

I almost sighed in triumph when I heard the harsh whimper torn from her throat, and the little imp in me couldn't help but smile in satisfaction at her sudden inability to balance. "You-"I could hear her throat working."what are you trying to do to me?"

Again, I reverted to the answer only the game would allow, knowing and feeling my body heat and open to the arousal in her voice. "That my love is a loaded question if I ever heard one. Just do as I ask and I promise you won't be disappointed."

Parts of me were surprised and parts were thrilled when Xena complied got up and turned around. I could feel my heart thud and swallowed down my own groan as I took in the sight of her stretched out before me, waiting to be devoured. Her body was like a tight bow, graceful and strong. Wiry arms arched above her head, making the muscles in her back bunch and jump as if at play. I watched as her tight buttocks flexed and dented in anticipation. She was mine and that knowledge alone made me heady and weak. I cleared my throat, knowing my voice would come out hoarse and whispery. "Mmmm good girl. It would be so much easier if I didn't have to poke and prod you. If you're extra good that will come later."

I observed the fine shudder that ceased her muscles. It was enough to galvanize me into action. Walking up behind her, I stopped when our bodies threatened to touch, letting her feel my heat. I could smell and feel her arousal. It came off her body in billowing waves. I licked my lips as my mouth watered for a taste.

I eyed her once more. Long legs were slightly parted. I could see the dark shadow of her mound, if I looked hard. It wasn't enough. I wanted to see her with lips parted, open, and dripping. Picturing the site in my head alone made me dizzy. I slid my thigh in between Xena's parted legs. She gasped and immediately gyrated against it. I was able to contain the moan but not the shiver the feel of wet, puffy lips and hard clit caused. I allowed her a moment, loving the small growls and breathy moans. Feeling things getting out of control, I leaned in, careful to arch my back to prevent my torso from touching, and bit into a slick shoulder.

I felt my eyes closing and hips moving against taut buttocks at their own volition when she cried out. I left my own wet trail across a plump cheek. The feel of hot skin against my swollen flesh was exquisite. It had gotten too hot, too quick, and now all of a sudden I wanted to come. As if in a dream, I felt my head fall back and my teeth grit as I continued to hump against her ass. An 'ah fuck' fell from my lips, but it wasn't until large hands touched me that I was awakened. I growled angry at my loss of control, smacking an ass cheek as well as the hand. Shaking myself from the reverie, with a foot, I spread her legs further apart. I could feel wet, hot flesh on my thigh in earnest now. I had to smile.

Flicking long red hair over my shoulder out of the way, I leaned in and whispered hotly in Xena's ear," Tch, you're gonna wish you had something to hold on to when I get through with you. Look at you so hard, so soft at the same time--you're just..intoxicating. Mmmm, I just wanna touch you all over."

I felt and heard her harsh intake of breath and its ensuing increase thereafter. Deciding to make speech into reality, I started with the long, luxurious midnight tresses. I felt her shiver as I ran my hands up the nape of her neck. I could feel the goosebumps. Moving upward still, I met black softness. A strangled moan burst from her dark lips, sensitizing my body further. I worked agile fingers over and through sensitive scalp, knowing fully how wet I could make her by doing just that.

It was an amazing discovery really that one was. We were just lounging on the couch one Sunday morning. Xena's head was in my lap. I remembered remarking on how she had such beautiful hair--sexy hair I called it. I ran my fingers through it, messaging her scalp, and a loud moan burst from her lips. I continued, anxious to see where it would lead. I ended up seeing a lot. I watched and played in her scalp as she touched herself in an effort to find release.

Bringing myself out of another reverie, I found myself eye level with delectable skin. So soft. I knew it was. So responsive. I knew that too. I had to touch, and I didn't bother to hide the moan, contacting searing, hot flesh. I traced the crease of Xena's back from nape to shapely buttocks with the tips of my fingers. All the while, watching her twitch and shiver and hearing her whimper at the contact. Just as I was compelled to touch, I had to taste. Kneeling a little, I and followed the same trail with my wet tongue. Twin moans hit the heavy air as the hardened tips of my breasts scraped against her skin. My groin throbbed with each pass of my nipples. I could hear Xena's nails scratching into the wall in frustration, in need, in pleasure. I didn't know which. It could have been all, but it was enough to let me know she felt it too.

My hands itched as though they were on fire, but I knew they just wanted more. More flesh, more. . . everything. They traveled down sensitive sides, and I moaned silently at the gasp the touch illicited, causing ripples between my legs. My burning nipples spurned thoughts of hers. I wanted them to feel the pleasurable ache too. Molding myself against her back and reaching around, I palmed them. The side spilled out for my hands weren't big enough. The hard peaks pushed against my skin, scorching it like brands. I squeezed softly then harder, wanting to feel the weight. Sharp whimpers came from Xena's mouth that turned into a load wail as I pulled on the turgid tips, elongating them. They felt malleable and rigid against my fingertips.

Her chest heaved, and I could feel her hot breath on my hands. It was then that I knew she was looking. Well, I wanted to give her something to look at. Burying my face in her damp, fragrant hair. I continued to pull, pinch, rub, and shake the bumpy peaks with my fingers and hands. I could hear the changes in her breath with each gasp and shaky intake. I felt something too. Her hips undulated against the wall no doubt looking for relief. With each thrust my hips moved with hers in reaction. With each pull of my fingers, they sped up. I listened and cherished the breathy moans then added my own. But, I wanted more. I wanted it all. Reluctantly my hands moved downward as I kneeled. I heard her mew in protest, but my arms weren't long enough to maintain contact with her bosom as my knees barely scraped the floor.

There it was. The most perfect mounds of flesh I had ever seen. I watched them as the cheeks quivered, due to shaking legs. I groaned loud and long, remembering how my distended clit felt against them moments ago. My arousal had become acute. It almost hurt. I squeezed my thighs and relished the waves of pleasure that shot through my mound. It was because of her that I was like this, and she had to pay. I wanted her to feel the agony of this intense pleasure. Wallowing and listening to instincts I didn't know I had, I rested my hands of the fleshy globes of her ass and parted them eager to taste the treasure that existed from one end to the other. A promise fell from my lips before I proceeded. "Mmmm, I'm gonna make you scream Xena."

I listened for the cry and smiled when I received it. Eagerness outweighed control. Leaning forward, I saw what I wanted to see. Her sex, open, dripping, and wet. I looked back up at the puckered opening and moaned, releasing a hot puff of air between her legs. The sight made me ache. I heard her strangled cry as the cool air kissed her wet sex. I knew she ached too.

"I love it when you make those sounds." I told her and was rewarded with another one. I changed the cold air to warm as I blew harder against her sex, loving the way her hips swayed and her body clenched. I pulled pliant cheeks further apart and speared my curious tongue inside.

"Ahhhhhh, God,"

Xena pushed her hips out trying desperately to increase the contact, and I listened as her hands beat violently against the wall. My own breathing hitched with her reaction. It was sweet music to my ears, and stimulation for my pulsating sex. A whimper spilled from Xena's lips with each lap at the puckered opening, and my stomach knotted and twisted in pleasure.

"Pleasssssse Gab--I need--unghhh!"

I watched startled and mesmerized as dangling fingers appeared between her legs. They moved quickly, jerkily as chosen fingers rubbed furiously at her own clit. I heard a ragged moan and realized it was me, knowing the sound signified the loss of tentative control. I felt my own wetness increase and coat my thighs seductively. That alone urged me back to my task. I matched the quickening pace of her fingers with my tongue. Folding it upward into a u-shape, I entered the dark opening fast and deep.

Like some hot afterthought, two of my fingers entered her wet sex just as deeply. Sure enough Xena screamed, and I moaned in empathy. The feeling of sticky wetness in combination with jerking muscles urged my fingers deeper. It was so warm, so wet. My whole body felt enveloped. My clit throbbed and jumped as if it had been touched, and I knew just being inside her would make me come too. I wanted her there with me, guiding me, crying out with me. With my tongue and fingers, I pumped in and out as her hips met me, increasing the friction. Still, I wanted to possess her everywhere. I switched my fingers until my thumb was closer to the puckered flesh my tongue had inhabited. It was wet and sticky with from being near it's former home. Slowly, I pushed my thumb into the tight opening, dipping and twisting, dipping and twisting until it moved in and out easily.

"FUCK!! You--gonna make- oh god come," she moaned loudly.

My possession was complete.

"Come for me," I cried, rubbing and squeezing my thighs to create delicious friction within my sex. So close. So hot. So much. The whole thing was becoming unbearably intense with each passing moment. I moaned and wanted my mouth full again with familiar tastes as my tongue began a new dance against her slit. Angular hips bucked against my face and hand, smothering me. I didn't care. I welcomed it. My mouth continued it's worship as my thighs continued their shaking. I felt it. So far away, yet attainable. I reached for it.

With some strange synchronicity, the moaning and whimpering became one song. I increased her octave by adding a third finger into the slippery depths. With one more thrust, Just like that, she reached the pinnacle. I held on as her body stilled than shook with powerful spasm. I felt inner muscles grasp and release, milking the pleasure my fingers had brought.

Xena cried out,"Gabri---ughnnnnnn!!" and started to sink ungracefully to her knees. Feeling and listening to it all, my name was like a benediction. It released me into a state of bliss. Unable to control even my own body, I felt it pitch forward and my face pressed into her strong descending back. I was deaf to the muffled scream as red exploded in my head and in front of my eyes. The pleasure ripped through me in an unforgiving way, leaving me raw, shaky, and oblivious.

We landed with a soft thud against the floor, leaning heavily against each other for additional support. Soft moans and incoherent mewing sounds filled my ears. We shivered against each other. Exhausted. Content. Floating and murmuring words of love.

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