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This is a follow up of Afternoon Delight Series. You might want to go back and re-familarize yourself if you don't remember. This is a one shot deal for those of you who wanted to read more. I was feeling especially…uh amorous today. This is the result. I hope you all enjoy it. For those who don't, lighten up because it's all in good fun; therefore, not to be taken so seriously.




This is where you end
And you and I begin. . . .

Xena sat behind the hug oak desk, twirling a pencil idly in her hand. In an office without windows, she squinted, remembering the sunlight that lit the sky and everything around it. The sun had set now, and similarly, she had missed the sky colored red and orange like scorching fire. Sometimes she hated this job. She missed what seemed like everything. She envied her lover's, Gabrielle, carefree life. 'Ah, to have an inheritance.' She envied her indeed as she toiled day in and out crunching numbers and slapping away hands at the accounting firm she worked for. Xena knew she didn't have to work. Her eyes rolled heavenward. She put up with the firm because of one simple thing. Pride.

Gabrielle made it all bearable with her quirky sense of humor and open arms. When she opened the door to their condo, most of the stress dropped away with a dull thud. What was left over was alleviated by knowing hands, thorough tongue, and supple body. Her breath caught, replaying yesterday's pleasurable antics in her mind.

"God," she said aloud.

She didn't know her body could take that much and still crave more. The dark haired executive crossed her pant clad legs, squeezing her thighs then shuddered at the delicious vibrations. Glancing at her watch, a slow sexy smile formed on full lips.

"Quitting time," she remarked.

Her smile got bigger as erotic fantasy after erotic fantasy flew through her mind.

"It's my turn baby."

She grabbed her keys and exited the office.

Gabrielle sat on the couch with a pillow hugged to her chest. 'Damn these soap operas are addictive, and I don’t even know who the characters are.' Jumping up, she went to the kitchen to rummage through the refrigerator. Getting out jelly, she searched for the peanut butter. Her eyebrows scrunched, when the phone rung. She looked at the clock and hoped it wasn't Xena to apprise her of possible lateness. Crossing her fingers, she picked up the wall phone.


"Hey there. Whatcha doin?"

Gabrielle smiled upon hearing her lover's voice. "Looking for something to eat. Where are you?"

"Uh, about five minutes away."

"Oh, really?"

"Mmm hmm, just enough time for you to get naked."

Suddenly, nerveless fingers almost dropped the phone. Xena moved the phone away from her ear until she heard a voice again.

"W-what?" The petite woman said in a hoarse whisper.

"You heard me. I want you naked and standing right where you are when I get there. I've got one word for you. Paybacks," Xena said, her voice lowering to a sexier octave.

The younger woman whimpered as awareness gushed through her body in unexpected waves.

"Oh, God," was her only reply.

Hanging up the phone, the young woman could have sworn she heard soft laughter. Not one to deny her lover anything, she began to strip.

Gabrielle heard the jingle of keys in the door. Leaning her naked body over the counter, she tried to get a glimpse at the entering woman. She shivered and licked her lips in anticipation with a million lusty scenarios playing like a movie in her head. She shivered again as a rash of goosebumps covered her body, making her skin feel tight. The little woman waited to hear footsteps entering the area, but they never came. Her heart thudded in her chest and breathing sounded loud to her own ears. Holding her breath, she tried to listen. Hearing footsteps heading to the bedroom, Gabrielle frowned in confusion but honored the request to stay where she was.

Xena threw her keys and briefcase on the bed. She knew curiosity was probably eating away at Gabrielle right about now. She smiled and decided to prolong it. The tall, lanky woman stripped down to her underwear, then in a last minute decision removed silk panties too. Walking over to the chest of drawers, she opened the top one to search for what she needed. Finding it, she took a moment for insertion and to attach the harness. Xena turned toward the mirror to examine herself. Long black hair hung wildly around her shoulders and blue eyes flashed back at her, gleaming with mischief. She followed the curves of her body downward with knowing eyes until she got to what she wanted to see.

The phallus hung between taut thighs snug against crisp, black hair. The curious woman ran fingertips over its length. The act causing a pleasurable tingle in her loins. Moisture flooded and pooled heavily in her center as she remembered it's first use. Tracing the head lovingly, she began to stroke it as well as the shaft. Her hands moved back and forth, jerkily. Xena moaned at the increased wetness that caused increased friction between her body and the smaller phallus inside. She bit her lip, trying to distract from the pleasure. Blowing out a breath, she stopped abruptly. Someone was waiting.

Gabrielle twirled the ends of her hair around her fingers. It was killing her. She had to know what was going on. She turned from the refrigerator back toward the doorway. Her eyes widened and her breath caught at the sight. Leaning against the door frame was her lover, wearing only the phallus proudly between her legs.

"Oh, sweet God," she said out loud.

Wetness, thick and honeyed, pulsed through to settle in her groin, making her breathing ragged, heart accelerate, and clit swell. Green eyes traveled up to blue. Gabrielle whimpered at the look of abject lust that heated the blue eyes from within. Somehow, not seeing her lover move, a second later, the strawberry blonde quivered at the waves of heat flowing off the body standing in front of her. Blue eyes demanded attention from her green-eyed partner.

"You want this?" Xena asked huskily.


"Then say it." How she loved wheeling this power. It made her heady and wet to know that she could make this woman give in with a look, a word, a touch.

With soft fingertips, she traced moist parted lips. "Say it," she demanded quietly.

"Fuck me. Fu-ck me please," Gabrielle whimpered.

Electric tendrils invaded her body with the vulgar admission, making her moan at their onslaught. The dark head descended covering lips and the lone finger that had entered her lover's waiting mouth. Twin moans rose above the hum of the refrigerator. Tongues battled in sweeping motions, passing over lips, teeth, inside cheeks, and each other, trying to win the war. Short fingernails dug into broad shoulders, needing something solid to hold on to. The free large hand wound its way into red gold pulling her lover closer. Gabrielle moaned thickly, feeling the phallus against her stomach like a naughty promise. Somehow knowing what was effecting her, Xena began to grind her hips in a circular motion. The smaller woman cried out as her stomach tied in pleasurable knots, releasing more wetness to her already soaked thighs. The musky tang of arousal filled the air.

Tearing her mouth away, one of the brunette's last coherent thoughts was, 'Oh yeah, I knew she would like this.' She hunched her taller frame over and removed hands from their former places to wrap strong arms around an equally strong, smaller back. All the while continuing the aching grind. The ragged, whimpering breaths against her ear further heated the brunette's blood, causing gyrating hips to move a little faster. A light sheen of sweat covered their bodies, making skin slide over skin. The smaller woman whispered, "Please."

Lips met again in response. In an effort to sooth raging arousal, Xena slowed and lightened the kisses. Once breathing was somewhat normal she spoke.

"Tell me what you want."

Small hands reached between their bodies and began to caress the waiting phallus.

"To taste you," the younger woman replied as her touch got bolder.

It was Xena's turn to whimper.

"God!" She was assaulted with renewed wetness and desire as she remembered that her essence was still on the toy from last night. "Yesss, do it!"

Small hands trailed over sides and soft, moist lips kissed the valley between brown tipped breasts, making them harden incredibly in jealousy. Not one to be neglectful, Gabrielle teased each hard point with the tip of her tongue before grazing them with teeth, and finally, sucking them into a warm mouth. Xena moaned sensuously, holding her lover's head to her body to guide and encourage. The little woman sucked harder as her caresses on the phallus began to get firmer. The executive undulated her hips as the smaller protrusion moved deeply within her. Throwing her head back, Xena whimpered into the quiet air. Power was a funny thing. Where she had it before, she shared it now. Anything for pleasure.

Lips and tongue left a moist trail down the older woman's torso, leaving it to dry in the cool air. Gabrielle slowly kneeled down, knees touching the floor. She had reached her destination and watched her own hands stroke the phallus with innate skill. The strawberry blonde glanced up to watch her lover's face. She couldn't decide which was more erotic, whether it was hooded blue eyes, flushed cheeks, and parted lips or hips thrusting, moving the toy in and out of her hands. It was a toss up.

Licking her lips in anticipation, she whispered, "Look at me."

Half closed eyes opened lazily, and a dark head leaned forward. Green met blue.

"Don't take your eyes away or I'll stop."

Darkened blue eyes sparkled with challenge and continued to watch. Small hands cupped muscular cheeks, and the auburn head leaned closer. Simultaneously, large gentle hands pushed back strands of hair then nestled in it. Making sure nothing was obstructing her view, sky colored eyes opened further.

Gabrielle could smell the scent of sex that to the used toy. It made her mouth water in anticipation. While looking up in to blue eyes, a pink tongue slowly speared outward, licking the large head experimentally. Xena whimpered at the erotic sight. Gabrielle moaned at the left over taste of her lover. She had to have more. Her tongue traced the long rigid sides from tip to base and back again. Green eyes glanced up and watched dark brows shoot up in surprise as she sucked the bulging head into her mouth. Her tongue twirled over it, removing left over juices, and her cheeks caved with the sucking motion. The auburn head moved backward then forward, taking in a little more each time. The smooth motions created a maelstrom of feeling in her lover as the already inserted smaller phallus moved against slick inner walls.

Gabrielle relished the high whine the escaped her taller lover with each suck/thrust. With hands already wrapped in red-gold tresses, Xena used them to guide her lover as she began to pump her hips. The constant sucking sounds and groans of enjoyment coming from the smaller woman fueled her blood, making her want it harder, faster, deeper. Unable to resist, she sped up her hips, hoping Gabrielle would catch the hint. She did. The auburn head bobbed back and forth faster. Harder. Tiny hands clenched hard cheeks anew, while larger hands clenched tighter in long tresses. A harsh plea fell from dark lips.

"Oh sweet fuck! Mmm, yeah like that."

The friction was unbelievable. The phallus rubbed inner walls and somewhere high and slick, making her stomach clench, her thighs shake, and electricity shoot down her spine.

Gabrielle groaned as her lover's pleasure fed her own. Each cry, moan and plea shot to her groin, making it throb and swell in empathy. Wetness coated her thighs and nether lips, insuring that each squeeze of her thighs made her clit vibrate in pleasure. Stubborn blue eyes refused to close despite the heaviness of her lids. She continued to watch as her strong hips moved quickly, pumping like powerful pistons. Xena shook her head to remove the hair obscuring her view. If it was possible she was nearly as aroused as she was yesterday from this act alone. This led her to think that sheathing herself inside her lover would be all the more pleasureable for them both. Inside. That was where she wanted to be. She wanted to hear the other woman moan loud and long.

Xena whimpered and tried helplessly to slow her gyrating hips. With gentle hands, she tried to pull her lover's head back, but Gabrielle mewed in protest.

"Aww, shit," she moaned again as the smaller woman renewed her ministrations with vigor.

She licked her lips and decided to try a different approach.

"I bet you're so wet right now. Aren't you?"

Gabrielle whimpered.

"Don'tcha want to come with me inside you? Don'tcha want to feel me there?"

Xena heard a succession of whimpers and felt small hands squeeze her buttocks in reaction.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck you?"

Gabrielle moaned harshly and wondered if it was possible to come just listening to her lover's voice and words alone. But, she knew what she wanted, and she wanted it deep, fast, and now. Her body crackled with urgency. Small hands fell away from their shapely home, and with one last lick, she removed her mouth and tongue from the phallus, leaving it glistening with moisture. She reached up to the counter and pulled herself up on shaky legs. They stared at each other—chests heaving with barely controlled breathing. Gabrielle reached up and around, imprisoning her hand in raven hair, and pulled her lover's head down. Before their lips met, she whispered brokenly. . .

"Fuck me."

Moist lips met in a searing kiss. Tongues plunged and fought each other. Xena tore her mouth away and twirled the smaller woman around. Pressing full breasts into her lover's back, she fondled the coral tipped ones in front of her, pulling on the turgid tips while tonguing a convenient earlobe. The smaller woman moaned at the combination of pleasures.

Between hot breaths, Xena whispered, "Put your hands on the counter and don’t let go."

Gabrielle whimpered at the implication and did as she was told. She stepped back a few feet, placed her hands on the counter, and spread her legs wide. "Good girl," she heard from somewhere behind her. The petite woman could feel hard thighs pressing against the backs of her own as well as the unused phallus. It multiplied her urgency tenfold.

"Please," she whimpered.

She felt big, soft hands leave her breasts and circle around to her back, moving lower until they got to her derriere.

Xena stood tall, majestic and hesitated wanting to savor the moment. Deft hands traced over her lover's shapely buttocks, making thighs quiver against her own. Fingertips followed the prominent crack down past sloping globes of flesh, stopping where one whole ended and another began. Teasing upward again, she parted pliant flesh. She had to see. She had to taste if only a little. Stepping back, she squatted until her eyes were level with wet folds.

Gabrielle wanted to scream. She was beyond arousal and knew it wouldn't take much to push her over. She desperately wanted to feel her lover inside when she did fall over into oblivion. Desperately. So, she tried to control her reactions as curious hands touched sensitive flesh. She glanced over her shoulder, trying to see exactly what Xena was doing. She was so open, so wet and she could see her lover kneeling behind her studying the area between her legs. About to speak, it died on her lips and became a scream as pleasure spilled and tumbled through her body. It was synonymous with the tongue that flicked between her thighs, licking from crack to cleft.

Xena moaned at the taste and watched as wetness gathered and trickle down quivering thighs. 'So wet,' she whispered to herself. 'All mine.' Unceremoniously, she smacked her lips and stood up, keeping one hand on cheeks. Without warning, she guided the phallus to thickly swollen lips and plunged inside the abundant wetness. Gabrielle felt her world spin, darken, then become light again with each raw thrust. She moaned not knowing what else to do. Pleasure made her dumb. The electric friction pummeled her, making her stomach clench as well as her insides in an attempt to milk the phallus. Her hips pushed back of their own volition upon hearing the answering moans from her lover.

Xena arched her back and hunched her shoulders, moving her body with each sexy push. Large hands moved to the crease that separated waist from thigh, using to pull her lover into moving hips, increasing her pleasure. The kitchen was alive with sights and sounds. Thigh smacked against thigh, and each thrust produced a sexy wet sound. Moans reverberated off the walls, and the scent of raunchy sex lay heavy in the air. Xena moaned and leaned over her lover's body, covering her back. Gabrielle answered with a whimper of her own as diamond hard nipples scorched the sensitive skin of her back.

The whimper transformed to a loud groan as Xena hit a particularly sensitive spot. Wanting to hear the sound again, she repeated the grind again and again. Fragrant dark hair tickled the back of her neck with her lover's body being so close. The younger woman was dangerously near exploding. One more thrust/grind combo like that. . .

Hands moved from thighs to dangling breasts. Xena rolled and pulled coral tips as she sped up. The other woman moaned long and hard. The rapid thrust made her voice shake. She could hear the raspy breathing of the woman above her mingled with the soft whimpers. Every touch, every sound, every movement combined to send her over the edge. Gabrielle's fingers dug into the polished countertop. Like a tumbling snowball, her orgasm started small growing with each thrust until it overwhelmed her, leaving her shaking and weak. She pitched forward, almost hitting her head as strength dissolved. Strong inner muscles refused to stop gripping the phallus shifting it and setting off smaller convulsions. The smaller woman cried out, blinking at the flash of light behind her eyes.

Xena rode out the storm, until inevitably her own broke through. Her hips rolled like the crashing thunder and lightning grazed her spine, making her whimper and call out her lover's name. Hips moved jerkily as the torrent passed, making them both moan.

The kitchen was silent once again except for the hum of the fridge and deep but normal breathing of its occupants. Xena smiled dreamily and laughed softly.


Gabrielle stirred and started to giggle.

"Yeah, a bitch," she said in an attempt to complete the sentence.

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