KILL YR TV!!!! female-fronted/grrl music resource

kill yr tv has officially been online for over five years now! yay! if we were a high school, we'd be having a reunion right about now., you want to know who we are? we're the longest-running female-fronted/grrl punk/hardcore/new wave/indie/psychobilly/etc. (we tend to deviate) resource on the web...we basically cover all the great women-made music out there (of the past and present) that deserves more attention than it's getting. if you want, help us out during our fifth yr of transforming women in underground music from hoodie holders to the center of attention they deserve to be by sharing any sites you think would be a good addition (s well as writing/pix, etc.), to me at the address at the bottom of the page (or my other e-mail address, which i check more enjoy!!! ***update: i finally had the first chance to work on the site that i've had in a while (thanks to the end of my semester), so look around to find new and exciting links and updates. as well, i swear i will finish reviewing all of the cds sent to me now haha...if anyone else has a cd they would like reviewed, they can send me a copy of it...or simply review it themselves and i'll post it. much luv, sara scalper***

so here's the different stuff you can find on the page...