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Final Fantasy IX

This is the story of Zidane, a guy with a tail. It starts off with him needing to kidnap the princess for his pirate buddies.

Zidane:A theif with a heart is the best way to discibe him. He ends up falling for Dagger. He has the best trance and uses daggers and an oar.

Princess Garent till Alaxandros: AKA Dagger (AKA Sarah- from her summoner tribe)An ignorant girl who doesn't like to take orders. She ends up changing into a "normal girl", changing the way she speaks around "country folk".

Stiener: The head knight of Pluto, who was sworn to protect the Princess at all costs. He is a stupid, stupid man.

Vivi: A black mage who doesn't know what to do or who he is. He is confused, but is willing to help, the only problem is, sometimes he gets to scared to move.

Freya: A "rat face" as Zidane playfully put it. One of the only retainers to Bermecia. She was also once a Red Dragon Knight. She fights for her people, and searches the world over for her lost love Sr. Fratulty.

Eiko: A little girl, who lives with a tribe of moogles. She is the last of a great race of summoners. She just wants a friend and gets a crush on Zidane, but she's only 6.

Amarnat: A guy who Zidane totaly disgraced. He became an assasin for hire, after the incedent and comes across him again, later and joins them.

Quina: The pink fat blob who eats enemies and frogs. He looks a lot like Vivi's dead grandfather.

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