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Final Fantasy IV

The Stars of Six

This is the story of Terra, espers, the Empire, and Kelfka.

A girl, half esper, half human, who is the key to the human salvation.

Locke: A treasure hunter who will never back out on his word.

Edgar: The king of Figaro, who can try to win over any lady's heart

Sabin: Edgar's twin, who is a master martial artist who doesn't get along with kids.

Celes: A young girl infused with the power of weak ice, and curitive magic, and a general for the empire.

Shadow and Interceptor: A man and his dog who will do anything for money. "He comes and goes like the wind."

Cyan: The last living decendent of the castle of Doma. He may be old, but he is very skilled with his sword.

Gau: A young boy abandoned on the Vedlt. He survived against all odds, living off anything possible to survive.

Setzer: The man with the only airship in the world. He loves to gamble and would take up any bet.

Mog: A helpful moogle who helps the party two times before he becomes a perminant member of the team.

Strago: A friendly old man who is gifted with the power of blue magic. He uses a technique called "Lore"

Relm: A ten year old girl with an attitude the size of Texas! Don't let her draw you're portrait, you might regret it!

Gogo: "shrowded in odd clothing, is it a man, is it a woman, or should we ask?"

Umaro: A Yeti who befriends Mog and only joins the team is Mog is on it and there is room for him.

The First Big Battle of the Game

The Last Battle with Kelfka