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Final Fantasy IV

The Red Wings approach

The story of Cecil, a Dark-Knight - turned Paladin and his friends.

Cecil: A dark-knight who was working for the wrong king. He relizes the kings corrupt mannor, and later becomes a paladin.

Kain: Cecil's best friend and pawn of the enemy, Golbez. He becomes evil at the wim of that mastermind, but he always feels remorse.

Rosa: Cecil's girlfriend, who is pure of heart, and ill at the begining of the game. Watch out, her "aim" attack strenghtens the arrows she uses, ten-fold!

Rydia:As the young girl she can use white magic, but after ageing in the Land of the Summoned Monsters she learns the art of black magic.

Telah: An old man who forgot every spell he ever knew, which was every spell in the game! He just wants the best for his daughter, and doesn't want to see her with the bard.

Edward: A bard. He falls in love with the daughter of Telah and helps you early in the game. He is the one who helps Cecil save Rosa.

Yang: A marital arts master with a strong kick. He fights for his people with a strong passion. He gives his life for the team.

Palom: A nutty boy who finds it hard to belive Cecil has changed. He is gifted with black magic, and is the twin to Porom. They both keep an eye on Cecil when he becomes a Paladin.

Porom: The responsible girl twin who is gifted with white magic. She'll smack her brother around if he's giving anyone a hard time. Later she and her brother give their lives for the party.

Cid: The friendly mechanic who builds you airship after airship, and repairs them as well. He is a great guy, and loves to help his friends.

FoSoYa: The man on the moon. He knows every single spell in the game and puts them to good use as he battles evil.

Edge: A skilled ninja with the arts of ninja magic and thevery. If you have him leading your party, you can go through walls!

Palom and Porom sacrafice themselves

Edge from the remake