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Chrono Trigger

The Story of Chrono, a boy who becomes a time traveler, and his friends: a frog man, a robot, a princess, a scientist, a girl with a tail, and an evil guy.

Chrono: The trigger of time. He travels through time with the help of the penadant that Nadia wore. He used thunder or lightining magic.

Marle: Also known as Princess Nadia. She can use the powers of ice in her magic. She uses an Auto-crossbow.

Lucca: The scientist of the group. She created the "key to the gate" that unlocks the time portal. She uses fire magic and a gun.

Ayla: Prehistoric woman who uses her fangs to fight. She is the strongest member of the team.

Frog: AKA: Glenn. He was from the past kingdom where Queen Leene was abducted. He feels guilty that he could not protect her.

Robo: The robot from the future where Lavos destroyed the world. He was rebulit by Lucca and was the one extra person who went through the gate when they ended up at the end of time.

Magus: A villan who you can choose to fight or let him on your team when Chrono was turned to stone. He can use all types of magic.