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WELCOME{en español}

Every day, Americans consume many different types of food, some foods are more nutritious than others. Our likes and dislikes are as numerous as the people you talk to. The question is posed, "Are our food preferences determined at the time we are born?" There is a new theory centered around the concept called "Super Tasters." This theory suggests that some of our basic food preferences are determined by the number of taste buds on our tongue.

"Are You What You Eat?" is an internet based project exploring the "Super Tasters" concept. The project encompasses  Math, Science, and Language Arts. Through this project each child will be involved in keeping a daily record of their food choices and correlate these choices to their taste bud preferences.  Students will apply various math skills to draw a parallel to the recent findings on "Super Tasters."

This project has been developed by teachers from Public Schools No. 8 and 18 in Pateson, New Jersey in conjunction with CIESE at Stevens Institute of Technology, Bank Street College, and Saint Peter's Collegewith support through an Eisenhower Professional Development Program that is administered by the New Jersey State Department of Education.

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