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Hi, Welcome to my patch trading site. I am "retired" from the Wanaque Police Department in New Jersey.
I am not currently trading right now but I do have a large selection of patches for sale. If interested, contact me.

Wanaque Police Department shoulder patch.

Currently out of stock

I am currently out of the Wanaque PD shoulder patches. I do not know when or if I will be able to re-supply. I do have a trade list, so if you are interested in a trade, contact me.
I am interested in trading for University/College PD's, DOC, Fish & Game/Conservation, and State Police, Capital, and any NJ patches I need for my collection.


Wanaque Police Department K-9 Unit.

As of June of 2006, I do have a very limited supply of the K-9 patches, I would like to trade for other K-9, Mounted Unit, or other special unit patches.

Wanaque Police Department Communications

The WPD Communications patches are now obsolete and unavailable for trade. In 2003, the dept. changed the dispacther patch to a regular WPD patch with a DISPATCHER or COMMUNICATIONS tab.


If you are interested in a trade, please contact me at:

Please read
Please do not send patches to the Police Department address. Once a trade agreement is reached, I will provide a shipping address. Thank you.

Please support the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund!

605 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

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