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Mickie and Frankie Page
Meet Mickie and Frankie!

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Mickie and Frankie are characters that Bob and Gregg created completely by accident in mid 1989. Gregg had just bought an effects unit and he and Bob were fooling around with the harmonizer. Out came the voices that became Mickie and Frankie! Since 1989, Bob and Gregg developed the two charcters, created numerous others to go along, and recorded over 20 radio style "episodes."

In 1999, Bob and Gregg came close to having Mickie and Frankie and their "co-horts" animated. Bob designed the look of the two characters (as you see above) and there was a small deal to turn them into a cartoon that would have made "Beavis and Butthead" and "South Park" look like Sunday school. Unfortunately, that deal never blossomed, but that doesn't mean that that it could never happen. By some stroke of luck, that very dream could come true!

To "get inside" Mickie and Frankie's state of mind and learn more about the characters, click here!

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