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Cartman: Abducted by aliens, lover of cheesy poofs and many other snack food, hippie hater, prankster, and brilliant and stupid all at the same time. This describes Eric Cartman. He is always doing things to get under Kyles skin because Kyle is a Jew and Cartman basically hates any religion thats not his. He is always trying to make millions of dollars so he can buy his own amusment park. Once his Grandma left a million dollars for him in her will and his dream came true and he baught an amusment park and refused to let anyone in expecially Stan and Kyle but his dream soon turned into a nightmare when he had to make money to pay his employees by letting people come into his park.

Kenny: Kenny McCormick is the poorest kid in South Park. For the first 5 seasons of South Park Kenny practically died in every episode. With Kenny gone all of season 6 due to his death many fans of the show wanted him back, so Kenny returned in season 7 and stuck around awhile and only died every few episodes. Due to his hooded orange jacket he tends to mumble everything he says and only Stan, Kyle, and Cartman seem to be able to understand him. In South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is the first time we see Kenny unhooded and we get a chance to hear Kennys real voice. In newer episode Kenny has been unhooded and we have heard his voice a couple of times, but nothing beats the orange hood and the mumbling of his perverted mind.

Kyle: Kyle Broflovski is the Jewish boy of the group. He was the first boy of South Park to believe in Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. He was also commited to a mental institution for believing in him. Kyle also enjoys playing basketball. He enjoys it so much that he got plastic surgery to turn himslef into a tall black man so he can feel like he fits into the basketball world. He is always arguing with Cartman over stupid things like when Cartman throws away a magical triangle and Kyle gets credit for it when he picks it up and when Kyle went to Canada to find his little brother Ike all cartman could do is complain that he will miss chirstmas cause of Kyle. He also stands up for what he believes but chickens out if he has to stand up to his mom. Kyle is also the smartess kid in South Park Elementry.

Stan: Stan Marsh is Kyles best friend. He is a typical redneck boy who loves to go hunting. Of course he can't even shoot anything due to his love of animals. He did shoot Skuzzlebutt but only because he though thats what he was supposed to do since everyone, expecially cartman, gave him a rough time about being a wuss and not killing anything. Stan also had a girlfriend named Wendy but after a few seasons Wendy broke up with him and started dating Token. This made Stan so depressed that he became a goth and hung out with the goth kids. He was also served while playing remote control cars in a parking lot. He decided to serve them back and form his own dance group. With the help of Chef as his coach and Butter's, a teammate, he was able to beat the kids in the dance off. Stan also has a gay dog named Sparky who ran away when Stan didnt except him for being gay. Stan eventually realised with help from Big Gay Al that he should love his dog for what his dog is and not to judge people for being gay either.

Butters: Butters is a boy who took the place of Kenny when Kenny died for about half a season when Stan, Kyle, and Cartman decided he wasn't that good as a fourth friend. Butters then became Professor Chaos where he tries to create chaos amongst the people of South Park. Of course none of his plans actually work and all of his ideas were already done by the simpsons and he couldnt think of anything origanal. He enjoys tapdancing and singing about apples. His parents tend to treat him poorly and blame him for everything. He has had balls on his chin and gained alot of weight. He also became Paris Hiltons pet and was sold by his parents for millions of dollars. His mother once tried to kill him when she found out his father was going to gay bath houses. Butters is always being used by Cartman and when Cartman pretended to be a robot Butters showed the whole town a video of Cartman dancing like Brittany Spears and rubbing up on a Justin Timberlake cardboard cutout.

Ike: Ike is Kyles baby brother. Well actually Ike was adopted and was born in Canada. He was placed in kindergarten at a young age for being extremely smart. Like Cartman he was also abducted by aliens and Kyle needed to save him. He hates the game kick the baby and once was sent away cause Kyle didn't want him to get his weewee cut off. In South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut he was stuck in the attic for the whole time due to the fact Kyle didn't want him to be sent to a death camp for Canadian borns. In a spoof of the Wizard of Oz Ike was taken back to Canada by his birth parents and needed to be rescued by is brother and his friends. They eventually get Ike back. Ike is hard to understand and tends to blurt out random words.

Jimmy: Jimmy is a handicapped boy who loves to tells jokes. Jimmy first appeared in the episode Cripple Fight where he joined the boys in there boy scout troop. Him and Timmy started out with a war because Timmy was mad he was no longer the popular handicapped kid. Jimmy once joined a gang and the special olympics with Timmy. Jimmy experamented with steriods and lost his virginity to a hooker. His favorite Christmas song is the 12 Days of Christmas but it takes hime hours and hours to sing since he always studders.

Pip: Pip only lasted the first 3 seasons until he was replaced by Butters. Pip was always made fun of by all the kids and was always called French when he is really British. He had his very own episode which was a spoof of the book/movie Great Expectations. He is a great dodgeball player when he is mad and lead the South Park Cows into victory after he single handedly beat the chinese dodgeball team, but no one really cared. Even if Pip hasn't been in any recent episodes as a character you can still see him walking around the school and sitting in the classroom.

Timmy: Timmy was South Park's first handicapped student. He had a cripple fight with Jimmy, joined the special olympics where he helped Jimmy stay off drugs, and also joined a gang with Jimmy. Unfortunatly he can only say his own name along with a couple words like Livin a Lie and The Lords of The Underworld, which is the name of the band he joined. We first meet Timmy in ToothFairy Tats, but we actually got to know him in Timmy 2000 where he was diagnosed with ADD. He also went back in time and was chased by a dinosaur and played Helen Kellar in the school play but quit when he went to look for his pet turkey Gobbles when it was sent away for being a retarted turkey and was not allowed to be in the play.

Token: Token is the only black kid in South Park Elementry. To make things worse he is also the only rich kid. Cartman once hit him with a rock and was sent to juvie for a hate crime. Token once invited kids who were rich and also black to his town so he wouldn't feel lonely, but he realised they were all stuck up. He decided to become a lion and lived in the zoo, but get feed up with them when all they did was tell stupid jokes. Token also stole Wendy from Stan.

Tweek: Tweek is a hyper and paranoid kid. His family runs there own coffee shop and tweek is constintaly drinking. He is always shaking, screaming and freaking out. He sees underpant gnomes and he hates the fact the keep stealing his underpants. He also became Stan, Cartman, and Kyles best friend after the got rid of Butters. All of his shaking and freaking out tened to piss the kids off that they were considering kicking him out.

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Shelly: Shelly is Stan's sister. She is mean, and abusive, and has head gear. She tends to beat Stan up on a daily basis and if anyone tries to stand up to her they will get beat up too. She once dated Skyler, the leader of The Lords of The Underworld, who is more then twice her age. He eventually dumped her because she wouldn't make out with him. Shelly with the help of Cartman got even with Skyler but destroying his guitar and sticking it in a box of kitty litter. She also enjoys calling everyone that pisses her off a turd.

Bebe: Bebe is Wendy's best friend. She was the first girl to start growing boobs which made all the boys go crazy. She also has a crush a Kyle. Once she and Klye along with Stan and Wendy played truth or dare. Kyle was dared to kiss Bebe and he ran off crying. All Bebe could do is talking about how much she likes Kyle's butt.

Wendy: Wendy is pretty much the main girl character on South Park. For the first several seasons she dated Stan until she decided to break up and start to date Token. She was jealous of Bebe's boobs so she decided to get breast implants. Once the boys saw her they couldn't stop laughing. Wendy was also mad at a substitue techer they had cause Stan had a crush on her so Wendy made a plan to get the teacher sent to the center of the sun. She also joined Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny's boy band, Fingerbang.

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Mr. Garrison & Mr. Slave: Mr. Garrison was the boys third grade teacher for the first four seasons. He is perverted, uncaring, and will practically have sex with anything that moves(except girls). He holds a grudge agianst his father for not molesting him as a kid. He had a puppet named Mr. Hat that was his teacher aide and was also his gay side. Mr. Hat once left him so Mr. Garrison replaced him with Mr. Twig. Mr. Twig was a much more boring character that Mr. Hat was braught back and Mr. Garrison had to choose between the two of them. He choose Mr. Hat and we haven't seen Mr. Twig since. Mr. Garrison hid in the woods where he admited he was gay and came back to South Park to tell everyone. He was rehired to teach but he had to teach kindergarten. The boys new fourth grade teacher died in an unsolved way and Mr. Garrison was promoted to the fourth grade. The boys were not that happy because they really didnt want to have him for another year. When he became there teacher he decided to get a more mature teachers aide named Mr. Slave. Mr Garrison eventually decided to become a women and now his name is Mrs. Garrison. Mr. Slave once tried to help Mr. Garrison get fire for being gay so they can make millions of dollars. Mr. Slave would be spanked with a paddle when one of the students would do something wrong and he tend to stick gerbils in his butt. He once had a ho down with Paris Hilton to prove that he was the bigger whore and to stop her from making all the young girls of South park into sluts. He then put Paris into his butt just like the gerbil. When Mr. Garrison became female Mr. Slave left him because he like men and not women. As of now Mr. Slave is gone and hasn't been back on South Park.

Mrs. Cartman: Mrs. Cartman is the mother of Cartman. She is a slut and a crack whore. Whatever anyone calls his mom Cartman get very defensive. When he wanted to find out who his father was we learned about all the people she has slept with. She has slept with pretty much everyone in town. It turns out the she is a hermaphrodite so that she is actually Cartmans dad and not his mom. This grossed out everyone in the room when it was announced. In the South Park movie she was in a porn video that the boys accidently saw on a website and Cartman still wanted to deny it. She is a good cook tho, always making cookies and cakes and pies for her son. basically anything her son wants is what he gets.

Stan's Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Marsh are Stan and Shelly's parents. Mr. Marsh is a geologist who notified the town of a volcano eruption and he also found that holding in farts made people spotantiously conbust. He also went to stop Stan from being served and he himself wound up being served so bad he was sent to the hospital. Mrs. Marsh works at Tom's Rhinoplasty as a secretary (she did in South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut). She also burried dead bodies in the back yard when she thought Stan killed people but it was actually his killer fish from an evil parallel universe. Once in the second season they broke up and Mrs. Marsh started dating a new guy that Stan hated and Mr. Marsh found it more important to party with young kids then be a parent to Stan. Stan got them back together by leading them into his tree house.

Kenny's Parents: Mr. and Mrs. McCormick are the poorest couple in South Park. They have two boys: Kenny and Kevin. Kevin isn't really around in alot of episodes tho. Mr. McCormick is an unemployed drunk who is always complaining how everyone else has money and how he is poor. They are both abusive to each other and use foul language often. They live in a run down house on the other side of the tracks in the ghetto. Cartman likes singing about them in the ghetto often. Mrs. McCormick once took Kenny to Romania so he can be a famous singer and they can be rich there since Romania is poor like them. They also tried to have another baby but Kenny wouldnt let them cause he didn't think it was right for them to bring another poor child in the world and he wound up causing alot of problems for his dad.

Officer Barbrady: Officer Barbrady is asically the only known cop of South Park. He is very slow sometimes like when it comes to stoping people from taken pictures of Kathy Lee but didn't stop Mr. Garrison when he had a gun and was going to shot her. He also had to go back to the third grade to learn to read so he made Cartman a cop until he learned to read. He enjoyed being in third grade alittle to much tho. Once he learned to read he was able to stop the chicken lover and make things safe agian. He often says "Go home...Nothing to see here".

Stan's Grandpa: Grandpa Marsh is a grumpy old man who always wants to die. He constintly asks Stan to kill him in every way possible. Like hanging and dropping a cow on his head. He will say about everything that is mean to get someone to kill him. He is always calling Stan Billy for some weird reason. He is a bad driver and is always frisky. He even sent a video tape of Kenny dying to Americas Funniest Home Videos and he won the grand prize.

Ned & Jimbo: Jimbo and Ned are old war buddies and have a show on public access about hunting. When ever they hunt they needed to say "It's comming right for us" but needed to change it to "Thin out the numbers. Ned lost his arm in the war when a granade exploded. He also needs to use a voice box to talk because he got throat cance due to all the smoking he did. One time he lost his voice box and had to talk by burping and when he got a new one it made him have a scottish accent. He once went into shock when he though he saw the mexican staring frog of Sri Lanka but the frog was a plastic toy the boys used to play a joke on Ned and Jimbo for making them fail and report on the war. Jimbo is Stan's uncle. He drinks and has a stash of porn in his bedroom. He took the boys hunting and taught them to hunt. Kenny was a bro and Stan didn't want to kill anything. Jimbo made Kenny his nephew because he is a good hunter which made Stan jealous.

Kyle's Parents: Mr. Broflovski is the lawyer in South Park. He once helped everyone in the town sue each other for sexual harrasment and since he was the only lawyer he made millions and millions of dollars. He also has a love for dolphins and decided to become one. He was called a lawfin and a jewfin and looked very creepy. Mrs. Broflovski or as Cartman would say " a stupid bitch" likes to get her nose in everyones bussiness. She tried on many occassions to get Terrance and Philip of the air and in the South Park movie she started the canadian war and braught havok from the evil demnsion and almost got her own son killed. She is also extremely bossy.

Terrance & Philip: These two guys are from Canada. The have their own televsion show where all they do is fart and curse. As some would say "toilet humor". There heads look funny cause thats how canadians look or so the show says. One time the broke up and Terrance gained alot of weight. Philip started doing shakespear in the park. With the help of the boys they braught them back together and the partnership and friendship were back. Terrance also has a child with Celine Dion. They hate Scott and had to stop him and Saddam Hussain from taking over Canada.

Mr. Mackey: Mr. Mackey is the school counciler. He talks like he has marbles in his mouth and after everything he says he say "MMMMKay". He teaches the kids how drugs are bad and how drinking is bad, and how sex is bad. One time he got fired for showing the kids weed and the weed went missing so he was blamed. It turned out Mr. Garrison took it and not one of the kids. When Mr. Mackey got fired he turned into a hippie and went agianst everything he told the kids was bad. He once had sex with the fourth grade teacher, Ms. Choksondik, which may have been the cause of her unknown death.

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God: This is the South Park version of God. He was first shown in the episode Are You There God It's Me Jesus. He came down to earth for New Years 2000 to answer one question which was asked by Stan aboutr why he hasn't got a period and God told him that boys don't and how Kyle lied about it and Kenny and Cartman just had bleeding from there butts. The town was not happy because Stan ruined there only chance at asking God a question. God also helped Satan get rid of Saddam Hussain because he kept stalking Satan.

Jesus: Jesus is the son of God and also resides in South Park. In the first copuple of season he had a show on public access called Jesus and Pals. His producer made the show into a Jerry Springer type show and Jesus sent her to hell for it. He also helped the boys save Santa from the terrorist. He had a boxing match with Satan and he was getting beat bad until Satan took a dive and won all the money cause he bet on jesus when the town basically turned there back on him.

Kevin: Kevin is a stange little guy that hangs out with Mephisto. He was created with an egg of a lab assistant and the sperm of Micheal Jackson. He was put into the womb of a llama. He was constiantly picked on in school and bit the fingers off a bully. He has a great singing voice but he never speaks. He likes to sing about how he is gofor boy and that he wants people to buy his rasberries. Unfortunatly he never had his own show and any show his is in he just stands there doing nothing and people stare and ask what he is. The only thing we know about him is what is said on the South Park Chef Aid soundtrack.

Towelie: Towelie is a pot smoking towel. Most would say he is the worst character ever, but that doesnt mean poeople hate him. Actually the boys think he is annoying and just want him to get away. He is always telling people that they should never forget to bring a towel. He wants people to smoke weed with him but no one wants to. One time the military tried to get Towelie and stole the boys Omega Game Sphere to get him back. The boys only want the game back and didn't care about the reason they want the towel.

Underpant Gnomes: The Gnomes like to steal underpants from people. There goal is to take underpants, _?_, and profit. On there off season they help Santa with making toys and helping him with the reindeer.

Visitor: The Vistors abducted Kyle's little brother, gave Cartman an anal probe, and accidently mutalated cows. If you look closely at some of the older episodes you can see hidden images of the Vistors. They really haven/t been in any recent episodes except for the episode Cancelled.

Satan: Satan is the ruler of Hell. He is gay and has had a love triangle between Chris and Saddam. He tried to take over the world in Bigger, Longer, and Uncut but Saddam screwed Satan over agian.He had a boxing match with Jesus and enjoys have beach parties. He has a son named Dameon who was only in one episode. He once tried to take over heaven but PSP master Kenny destroyed his army.

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo: Mr. Hankey comes to people who have fiber in there diets. He enjoys to sing and is married to a drunk with silicorn breast implants. He has three kids Amber, Cornwallis, and Simon(he was born with a nut in his head). Mr. Hankey enjoys bringing Christmas cheer to all the boys and girls of South Park. He once covered the town in crap to get rid of all the people from the sundance film festivle for destroying the eco system. He got dried up due to the heat and only Chef's Choclate Salty Balls can bring him back to life. He also put out a CD entittled Mr. Hankeys Christmas Classics. There was also a movie based on him but he was played by a monkey and really had nothing to do with him at all.

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