Hi, everybody, I decided to organize these quotes into year catagory (makes it a lot easier). Have fun!


"If I was rich and I wasn't doing this, I'd pay to do it just to get up onstage having all those people looking at you."

"Some people think we're reading this from cue cards. Let me tell you, it's completely spontaneous. The only thing is that I can't read what the next word is." - MTV

"It's about women, it's about sex." - Talking about GIRLS ON FILM


"We want to be the band to dance when the bomb drops" - From THE BOOK OF WORDS


"I was born with my instrument; and I used it again and again, and again and again!" - SING BLUE SILVER

"Oooh, the agile mind of Nick Rhodes at work" - Sing Blue Silver

"Then you really have me up against the wall." - NEW MOON ON MONDAY (movie version video)

"Oh no, not again!" - 1984 tour

"Hey Mr. Fix it, Hey Mr. Fix it" - introducing John on tour 1984

"I'll punch them in the bloody face if they came near me" - FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS

"I think I'm going to have a baby!" - SIMON on Z-100 radio

"Is there anybody hungry?" Introducing HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF - 1984 ARENA

"What are we going to do? Have a face drop?" - Press Interview

"We're interested in making our own history, not rewriting someone else's."

"You're not reading that are you?"


"Happy birthday American Bandstand" - ARCADIA

"They started it. It wasn't us at all!" - ARCADIA (MTV)

"Hi, guys, what are you doing here?" - On the set of "THE PROMISE" video

"No one can ride faster than me!" - 1985 DRUM

"Goodbye is forever" - 1985 ARCADIA

"Bon, Simon LeBon." - A VIEW TO A KILL (VIDEO)

"We like to see you dancing!" - LIVE AID

"Shit I said golf, fuck I said shit" Simon on Max Headroom

"We are more opened I think." - SIMON on ARCADIA verses DURAN

"We want to work these projects through properly....It would be of time, effort, and money if we didn't."


"What on earth gave you that idea?" - On how DURAN gets respect from the media

"I've got the microphone, that means I'm the only one to talk. No, joking." HOLLAND TV

"We argue." - SIMON on the band '86 (ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT)

"We didn't want naked people jumping through hoops of fire" - MTV

"It's quite black sounding." - About NOTORIOUS

"We needed a break at that time, we needed a break from DURAN DURAN." - On why they split to form ARCADIA and POWER STATION

"We're very wary about bringing anybody new into the band."


"I wanna get on the stage now!" - MTV

"Condoms - This can save your life" - MTV

"Thank you Boston and Rock stars, goodnight!" - ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT

"I make love to her seven times a day" - about Yasmin

"Some total wanker gave out the hotel!" - on Howard Stern show '87 (?)

"I think my lyrics became less metaphysical, more real, less cerebral, more personal"

"It is important to be able to produce volume and to sound relaxed and stay relaxed. It's something everybody is always working on."

"I could quite possibly have done this interview naked."

"We're getting less of the bunny-chuckers these days!"

"It seems so natural, thanks for having us back." - About being on stage.

"Do you wanna move it? Do you wanna groove it? Do you wanna do it?"


"Please....Please....Please, please tell me! IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW?" - SIMON introducing the song (1988 Italy show)


"So how do you feel about doing a little bit of singing with us?" - 1989 Tokoyo

"I guess we're just older and more cantankerous now. We just say what we feel."


"I can feel it, I can smell it coming." - GOOD MORNING AMERICA

"A slut is a girl who will sleep with anyone, and a bitch is a girl who will sleep with anyone but you!" (LOL! Someone sent me this quote! Don't know where it came from, but that's too funny! Hilarious!)


"It's time to put your dancing shoes on, get your asses out of your seats, it's time to get funky!" - Merriville, IN

"Do you ever go down on him?" SIMON on KROQ LOVELINES

"LeBon is gonna do it, you better do it." SIMON on how he got to be singing on FEED THE WORLD.

"We should introduce ourselves a bit, in case you've forgotten" - MUCH MUSIC

"Unbelievable!" Z-100 morning show

"I'm 15 minutes late" - Mexico interview '93

"She gives me sex....She gives me violence!"

"Why should I fuckin' try?"

"We wanted to create an environment that would carry some of the main themes of the songs which, as far as the designer could see, included things like murder and hell. It's quite dark." - SIMON on the 1993 set design (1993 JAM! article)

"I put my fingers into the place where the remote control comes out of" - SIMON at the Argentina show '93

"I touch myself, I rub myself, and then I come" - MTV UNPLUGGED '93

"You sexy mother fucker" - NOTORIOUS LIVE

"We're gonna play a song for anyone who is falling in love for the first time, cause when you come, you come undone." - NO ORDINARY EP '93

"I'm tired now." - MTV'S HOUSE OF STYLE '93

"I'm a shy boy." - HOUSE OF STYLE (Yeah, right!)

"It's very appealing to me." - SIMON about licking up and down (after seeing a video from SILK [????] )[MTV TOP 20 VIDEO COUNTDOWN]

"She's fucking with my mind!" Argentina '93

"False alarm! We didn't play it, you didn't hear it, never happened!" - Jones Beach, NY

"Someone has said to me that DURAN DURAN has made three comebacks in the last five years!" - MUCH MUSIC

"More to the point, who's going to wash me?" - TOWER RECORDS

"He was the third director on the job. We blew up two to get to him." - On NICK EGAN (Director of "ORDINARY WORLD")

"It does take a piss at them a bit." - About MTV in TOO MUCH INFORMATION

"My first sexual experience made me late to the studios this morning." (VH-1 commercial)

"I wish I had a face on my butt!" - SIMON quoting BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD at the UNPLUGGED show

"I have to say, I really like your earrings. They remind me of a video we once made!" - On the reporter's Eiffel Tower earrings.

"Yeah, absolutely!" - From Jay Leno


"We've made it, we've fucking made it" - on '94 concerts selling out in 3-5 minutes

"Now we're going to make a line that goes right from this gentleman's nose right here....right to that lady's cleavage!" - SIMON at the 1994 RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL show I was at.


"We'll pay you not to sing THE BEATLES on our album" - MTV'S TOP 20 VIDEO COUNTDOWN '95

"Singers never swallow" - 1995 Z-100 LOVEPHONES

"Have any of you ever done it in a telephone box?" - MTV'S MOST WANTED

"You're so sick, I hope you clear that problem!"

"Have a wacky night, whoosh." - HARD ROCK CASINO

"DO YOU LIKE BUTT VIDEOS?......I like them, I think they're great!" - MUCH MUSIC '95

"Do we get paid?" - SIMON on K.R.O.Q. with KEVIN & BEAN

"Hello, we're DURAN DURAN, and we are doing a photo shoot....And you can watch us doing it on NAKED CAFE." - PLAYGIRL shoot on VH-1

"LIBERTY, the worse DURAN DURAN album ever made." SIMON quoting some of the critics (1995) [from E! ENTERTAINMENT TV]

"I like girls in guitars" - 1995 ALTERNATIVE NATION

"So what the fuck?" - Montreal show

"Q MAGAZINE, you suck."

"She looks so good that he gets down and begs." - From WATCHING THE DECETECTIVES

"We didn't even know the '80s were decadent until somebody told us later. We were working our tits off."

"There were people who weren't capable of singing but I'd be treading on dangerous legal ground if I were to name them!"

"No harm in seeing what's on the menu" - ROLLING STONE

"It's the same answer to the question 'Why do dogs lick their balls?' " - On why rock stars marry models

"I think sex is a tender thing and an expression of love anyway. I donít care what anybody says." - PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE '95

"Thereís just a similar feeling to sex and music."

"John, he's the beautiful one. Nick, he's the artistic one. Warren, he's the weird one; and me, I'm the fuckin' scary one!" - From THE BOX interview


"Oh stop it, you silly old cow!" - HUH? MAGAZINE


"Then suddenly glamor, here are a bunch of guys with tight trousers and big hair"

"Be quiet, Warren" - SIMON at the Tampa show

"This is for all of you Romeo and Julliets out there" - Introducing COME UNDONE at the Tribute Show

"Okay, here come the letters" - MIKE MAGAZINE

"It's the most politically incorrect video since Girls On Film" - SIMON on ELECTRIC BARBARELLA


"Say that again?" Simon on Y-100 radio

"I walked into the studio and I was like 'woo, hey!' " - SIMON telling his MEDAZZALAND story on THE CRIER REPORT

"Thank you, bless you all" - SIMON at the NEW YORK show I was at in 1997.

"Cuccurillo means Mr. Dick!" - KROQ LOVELINES

"We can talk about the video, but I think it would be more appropiate to talk about it afterwards." - MUCH MUSIC '97

"We have a new album out, it's called MEDAZZALAND" - TALKBACK LIVE (Okay, yes I like it when he says that word.)

"Some people just don't get it" - MTV LIVE

"The idea of being a sex symbol at my age is really rather laughable to me anyway. But if people are willing to buy it, I'm willing to sell it!" - NUVO SOUND '97

"We're not jumping on any band wagons. We're following through with the musical direction we've been taking for the last five, six years."

"I like the sense of humor in it. It reminds me of us actually." - about the HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF on the DURAN tribute album

"We've put this album through the ultimate test of what's crap and what's not. We decided to get rid of the crap." - about MEDAZZALAND (DETOUR MAGAZINE)

"This is fucking great" - upon seeing Fiona Apple's video '97

"Seriously, was anybody offended by it?" About ELECTRIC BARBARELLA - MUCH MUSIC

"Wow, man, you're in MEDAZZALAND!" - From the MEDAZZALAND PRESS KIT

"If anybody ever wanted to have sex with a dummy, that's okay. That's what this song is about." - Introducing EB (Connecticut [11-12-97] )

"It's about a sexual obsession." - SIMON on OUT OF MY MIND - 1997

"What I need is a fuckin' martini."

"Talking of aliens, three of them popped out of my wife!"

"I prefer to look at the ladies wear, actually" - CANANDA AM interview

"It is about fashion, it is about style, it is about sex appeal as well" - On the music business

"I tell you what, they're a fabulous bunch of very good looking, very animated, very happy people!" - On fans

"Do you know the reason why yogurt was invented? Think about it" - 102.7 STAR LOS ANGELES


"Call us back, maybe we'll come!" - Birmingham '98

"A lot of people are living with HIV. Don't be one of them."

"Everything is black in this place, why did you think I wore a blue shirt?" - About Warren's house

"I never got paid!" after seeing some of the old DD video clips

"We're a happy family, a real happy family" - About his wife and kids

"It took me three weeks to learn that!" - About the '98 tour cities

"There was this V.I.P. room and it was full of sex aids....It was hilarious" - About a club in Japan

**I got these quotes from the dd.com official page (now YOU KNOW I had to put some of these in....LOL!)**

"The best thing that Warren did for me was he got me back into playing the guitar."

"Is it over already?"

"Reconsider your options"

"Maybe it never happened!"

"What's next?"

"Only in your imagination"

"Nevermind your own mind, it's never too late to change someone else's mind."


"I'm sure there are many girls who have seen the inside of my hotel rooms. End of fucking story"

"Staying alive's the hard bit. Dying is easy." - about DRUM incident

"Maybe if no one was paying attention, maybe if I was unconscious, then maybe it would probably be a bit dangerous". - About "WILD BOYS" (BEHIND THE MUSIC)

"Yasmin is a really funny, happy girl."

"I think teenagers enjoy whatever time they're in" - About the 80's

"It's about how to leap past whatever is behind you and to get along with the business of living" - On ORDINARY WORLD

"No one would think I pissed myself down there, I'm laughing!" - after spilling water on himself

"The most attractive quality of a man is his girlfriend"

"Did you hear that? We kick hats! You know what? You guys, you kick ass!"
- Chicago (8-7-99)

"You're a bad mother fucker" - Atlantic City (8-8-99)

"Maybe this year, maybe next year, who knows?" - About when the new album will be out (8-8-99)

"New Jersey, you rock" - PNC BANK ARTS CENTER (8-12-99)

"Come on, you know what's coming next, it is so fuckin' obvious!" - PNC BANK ARTS CENTER right before RIO.

"All of us, we're all POP TRASH....Get my drift?" - JONES BEACH (8-15-99)

"I have one thing to say....Good evening New York. Now I know that's not strictly true; but it has much more of a ring to it than 'good evening Wantaugh, Long Island'." (8-15-99)

"Did you hear what she said? She said bloody fuckin' hot" - HARD ROCK LIVE (10-12-99)

"Tea break!....We're allowed to drink tea, we're English!" (10-12-99)

"Oh shut it!" - SIMON at Boston (10-9-99) before "SOMEONE ELSE NOT ME" (apparently annoyed at someone [or some people] in the audience).

"Should we take a break?" - WPLJ concert (12-10-99) before "ORDINARY WORLD".

"I'm very sorry!" - After accidently shining the light in some people's faces and then laughing at their reactions during "PLANET EARTH" (12-10-99)


"Nice ass!" - SIMON on Craig Kilborn (6-14-2000)

"It's much cooler in this part of the country isn't it? We've been sweating our asses off for the past week and a half."

"No, I didn't say SIMON SAYS!" - SIMON in Las Vegas (8-25-2000)

"Sex? Yes, please!" (8-25-2000)

"We can't play that, it's too rude!" - SIMON talking to his monkey at Las Vegas (8-26-2000)

"Come on, there's no roof on this thing, you gotta fill the air with noise!" - SIMON at Jones Beach (8-9-2000)

"Oh shit, what's next?" - SIMON at PNC (8-8-2000)

"I didn't finish talking to my monkeys yet!" - SIMON in
Los Angeles (8-29-2000)

"I think they fantasize about girls, actually" - SIMON in
Bethlehem (8-11-2000)

"Oh Blimey, let's talk about lip gloss first" - MARCH 2000

"Blackmail T-shirt....I've seen those before" - CBS taping (5-12-2000)

"Who's are these?" SIMON holding up a pair of red panties at the TODAY SHOW taping (5-12-2000)

"It's the Jesus suit....Joseph suit! Looks like Jesus to me" - SIMON about NICK's suit in Boston (8-5-2000)

"I'll tell you what, we will practice, and we'll come back, and we'll whip your ass!" (June, 2000)

"That's the problem with NICK, isn't it? We've had to deal with it for nearly 20 years!" SIMON joking about NICK's sense of humor (April, 2000)

"What's your name?" SIMON to me (5-12-2000)


"The next song is a sex song....I want everybody in the whole audience to think of your favorite sex act" - SIMON introducing "COME UNDONE" at the BEACON THEATRE (3-1-2001)

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