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Commercial Cattle Operations 


In the old days we drove the  cattle up to the summer pastures, NOW we haul from the home ranch at Nezperce, Idaho, South to New Meadows, Idaho for the summer range seen below.

Our year starts with the cows calving under our supervision in February-March here in Nezperce.  

The calves are worked in late May or June then shipped with their dams to their Summer Pasture in New Meadows, Idaho. They spend all summer on irrigated and non-irrigated pasture. 


Above: Angus foundation Cow & her Shorthorn-cross calf 

in the New Meadows summer pastures :Below 


When the fall run starts our 'growthy' calves are weaned & marketed: 

We sell our calves out of the field to order buyers privately
or at the local-regional auction in the fall. 

They are sold weaned and worked  or straight off the cow. 

Approximately 80 to 90 calves are sold each
year with some replacement heifers kept.

The Black Angus Bull Battery on Angus  cross Cows: Pine Drive Big Sky and Brost Power Drive 

The cows are shipped home to Nezperce in October-November and are preg-tested and vaccinated. They are fed thru the winter in Nezperce and the cycle starts anew.

We raise our own feed here on the farm in Nezperce, Idaho. Oat, alfalfa and grass
hay as well as some hulled and hulless oats. We also supply a much needed mineral supplement that is formulated by our veterinarian, Dr. Virgil Frei, Ferdinand Veterinary Clinic.

"We raise all our own Alfalfa & Grass hay, Grain Crops are: Wheat, Barley, and 'NEW HULLESS' Oats."

Ted and Dawn Jacobs   Send Email to Dawn Jacobs  Call: (208) 937-2202   

Jacobs Ranch * Rt.1 Box 17 * Nezperce, Idaho 83543          

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