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2005 Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic Teams

(To identify the player place the cursor on the player's face)

To view photographs of the Party at the Flat Brook Tap House click HERE.


John Parak Bud Karsten Brenda Agamie George Aspinall

Team Karsten

Dave Turner Rick Hyer Patty Backman Jim Backman

Team Backman

Tom VanHerwarde Jack Powers Amy Sabo 'Super G' Hawkins

Team Powers - Hawkins

Patrick Jones John Whiting Buffy Whiting Fran Gunn

Team Whiting

'Christina Cooke Jerry Munsterer John Templeton Ralph Raythyen

Team Templeton "The Viking Worriors"

Scott Burge Dan Grund Debra McCarren Jack McCarren

Team McCarren 

John Paulovich Jimbor Paulovich Tammy Case

Team Paulovich

John Shema Kendall Kless Brian Holden Chris Worrick

Team Shema

Richie Howes Nancy Howes John Resch Angie Resch

Team Howes

Another rotten day in Heaven!
Someone has to do it so it might as well be us!


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