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You stand in a vast clearing. Before you are three arches:



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Tell me about Deephome and what kind of game it is.

How do I run this game?



A book sits before you revealing the secrets of Deephome, and a scroll sits here labled "Walkthrough"



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Current Projects

Yes, the much awaited (by like, three people, including myself) sequel to Deephome is really really underway now. I am working slightly differently on it this time, which may facilitate quicker coding, or it may not. I am considdering submitting it for the Comp. this year.
The Fuzzy Tear
Ahhh, yes, the Fuzzy Tear. This has been put on major hold for perhaps the next millennium.
Punishing the Dragon
This short adventure is nearly done, but that isn't saying much. The code is so convoluted that I think I may have to scrap most of it, and this game may never see the light of day.

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Biographical Information

Joshua Wise, The Author of Deephome, is a college student who was born on October 14th, 1978, in Willingboro, NJ. He was raised in a rather sheltered world, having no access to text adventures until a rather fortuitious meeting, when a rather elven like friend of his brother's JJ, introduced him to ZORK. It was all over after that. Currently, Joshua is attending Eastern College with a Bible Studies major, and is dependant upon the Lord to make him a Pastor one day. However, for the time being, he will write computer games and short stories. His one novel, Heirs, is unpublished, but complete. At the moment he is working on "Punishing the Dragon" a very short ZORK adventure in inform and slowly but surly creating the sequel to "Deephome" called &qot;Eldantar." Josh would like to thank his parents for buying him a computer for graduation (not to mention food and clothes and all of that mushy rot), and his brother for being cynacle for every time Josh used a walkthrough for a game. Matt, his brother, is also thanked for being the first person to play and criticise Deephome.

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Telleen, Deephome, Eldantar, The Prophecy, and all related names places and games are copyright of the owner, Joshua Wise, 1999. The Fuzzy Tear and all related names places and games are copyright of the owner, Joshua Wise, 1999.

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