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The Official Jensen Ackles Newsletter

The Official Jensen Ackles Newsletter

Established February 1998

Jensen ROCKS!

Learn MORE about the man who has taken Hollywood by storm with his charm and gracious presence.

JANUARY 2010: The time has come when we have to say good-bye to this Newsletter being sent to your inboxes.

This newsletter was part of a special interview conducted a few months ago. Here is a little taste on what this newsletter has meant- and will always continue- to mean to all those involved.

1) What inspired you to start the Jensen Ackles newsletter, and how did you manage to get the "Official" tag thrown in there?

Great question! If only to rehash a wonderful memory. ;) The newsletter was started in February 1998, shortly after a friend and I had the pleasure of being in this special person's presence for a mere 4 or so hours. Hmm, let me back up a bit.... I always knew I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry (I had just started college at this time) and coincidently I come across this particular (and unknown at the time) actor on a popular daytime drama. Mind you, I never had a huge interest in soap operas. So, when this actor appeared on my tv screen, from the back and in a red parka, I knew this had to be something special. Meeting him only confirmed that and more. The energy and real passion he has for his work and his fans, is utterly inspiring. How could we not give extra credit, especially in a business where a lot of egotistical people exist. So, being the Jensen enthusiasts that we were, we started gabbing and gathering even more fans and supporters from various "Days of our Lives" chatrooms and forums. To this day, we are actually surprised we really were the first to start this movement... "Jensen pioneers," if you will. :) Our little newsletter became widely popular over a few short weeks, eventually turning into months and years. We had attended the Daytime Emmy Awards that year (in support of) and seeing him afterwards was the icing on the cake. It wasn't in our minds to tell him what we were doing. Maybe because him remembering us from that delightful day three months back completely threw us for a loop. Wow! We kept going over it in our heads of HOW he would've remembered us. Maybe our politeness? Whatever it was, it just fueled our interest in him even more and made us realize that he really is so appreciative of people who appreciate him and his work. To make a long story short (ha!), a few more months went by, and after having obtained contact with his parents and manager, our little Newsletter was granted the Official title ever since. His mom was actually one of the ones in those chatrooms. ;) Quite the Jensen enthusiast herself. :) To this day, Jensen is still the only person I would've wanted to be my "guinea pig" (as I like to refer him.) It's rare when a person in the public relations realm to have an experience like this, and college credit-free. ;) I will forever be grateful to him because it made realize what a terrific business this is, when surrounded with the right people.

2) Have you had the chance to tell Jensen about the newsletter? What was his reaction?

I pretty much answered this question above. But, when it does come up, his response is always, "so, still doing the newsletter?" with a chuckle. ;) The fact that he is always willing to do interviews, answer questions, provide autographs/DVDs for contests says it all. All for a nonprofit little newsletter that two girls started way back when.

3) How has the newsletter changed/evolved over the past decade and where do you hope to see it go in the future?

Wow. A lot! Looking back at that very first issue, it's a little embarrassing. :-D And still surprising that so many people believed in us, as well as Jensen. The support is always astonishing, which is what has kept us going.....strong. There's no telling where the newsletter will go. The fact that it lasted more than 5 months is an accomplishment in itself. But, you learn to appreciate these experiences and the people you have met because of these experiences. I will say, though, that it feels great to have made a name for myself for all things Jensen. It amazes me still of how many fans Jensen has, worldwide. It amazes me even more that fans from around the world come to ME with their inquiries. It really does make me realize that everything happens for a reason. And, never ever take anything for granted. I think that's why the newsletter has lasted as long as it has. It's one of my most proudest accomplishments. And to do it for someone like Jensen (and his family) makes me realize that I really did strike gold.

4) How, if at all, has Jensen's success on "Supernatural" changed the newsletter (structure, content, fan reaction?)

Jensen starring in his own show really took a life on its own! It's what makes us (all of us pioneers) be proud of him even more. He has grown so much as an actor. The next Paul Newman, perhaps? which coincidently happened to be one of his favorite actors. There has, however, been a significant change that happened to the newsletter. In 2007, the person that helped me start it could no longer be affiliated with it. I'm just glad that we fueled his career (with fans) from the get-go. :) This is only the beginning for him... as well as our careers. Thank you, Jensen! :)

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