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It's all about Jensen

All About Jensen

Please note: If you'd like to use any information provided below for your own webpages and such, please click here to ask and credit. It is much appreciated. All of the following information is strictly from the Official sources for this Official Newsletter. Thank you.


*Full Name: Jensen Ross Ackles

FUN FACT: Jensen wasn't named for three days. His mother was flipping through a hymnal in church. It was the last name of the writer of the hymn they were singing. He was going to be Justin, but she wanted something a little different.

*Birthdate: March 1, 1978

*Birthplace: Dallas, Tx - grew up in Richardson, Tx (a suburb of Dallas)

*Parents' Names: Alan and Donna

*Siblings: Josh (3 years older than Jensen), Mackenzie (7 years younger than Jensen), and a sister-in-law, Alexis

*Height: 6'0

*Eye color: Hazel/green


Jensen Ackles entered show business in his early toddler years. He did commercials here and there, and a lot of modeling. One commercial he did was for those popular crackers called, "Triscuits." Unfortunately it never aired. As for one of his modeling jobs, he was a "Super Mario Brothers" pajama boy! He never really thought about pursuing a career in acting or modeling at the time.

Jensen was a total sports nut. He played all sports growing up until high school. In high school, he just played baseball and lacrosse. He was always good at any sport he played. If it hadn't been for local talent agents who found him at a high school acting workshop, Jensen would've majored in sports medicine in college. But luckily for us, he went into acting.

The first TV appearance Jensen did was for Wishbone while in high school, before moving to Los Angeles, CA. Once in CA, three months after his graduation (1996), Jensen landed a few small roles. Some shows he guest-starred in were: Cybill, Sweet Valley High and Mr. Rhodes, in which he was a regular cast member. Since he joined the show after the first three episodes were already filmed, his name was never added to the opening of the show but he was in every show from then on. After Mr. Rhodes, which lasted for that one season, Jensen learned that he was the new long lost Brady twin, Eric, on the popular daytime drama, Days of our Lives.

Once Jensen's three-year contract with DOOL ended, he decided not to renew. He had a wonderful experience on the show and it was a tearful goodbye for all. Jensen had the desire to explore other options in the acting field. He signed a deal with other networks to go prime-time, and possibly do small movie projects as well.

In the midst of the summer heat of 2000, Jensen made the journey all the way to Australia to film a 2 part mini-series titled, "Blonde." It's about Marilyn Monroe before she became famous. He portrayed the character of Eddy G, who is good friends with her. It aired on CBS on May 13, 2001.

On April 24, 2001, Jensen landed a guest spot on the hit sci-fi show Dark Angel. He portrayed a very bad guy! Sure enough, it wasn't the end battling with Max & friends...

Jensen was asked to become a regular member of the cast. He was back in Vancouver, Canada. The season premiere aired on Friday, September 28, 2001.

In an unbelievable move, two days after announcing its renewal, FOX had canceled Dark Angel, ending its two year run.

Next stop: North Carolina. In the Fall of 2002 Jensen portrayed a recurring character on Dawson's Creek. He flew back and forth between North Carolina and California so he could continue to audition for other projects. Originally, he was to appear in about 9 episodes as CJ, a clean-cut peer counselor with secrets of his own. He appeared in additional episodes, leading up to the series finale of the popular drama.

And the roles don't stop there (knock on wood!)-- Jensen had signed on to be a new character on the WB hit Smallville. Once again, it was off to Vancouver. His character: Jason Teague; a love interest for Lana Lang.

In early June 2007, Jensen put on a steller performance in his first stage production since being in high school.

A Few Good Men


The WB has ordered a 60 minute drama pilot for their Fall 2005 schedule titled SUPERNATURAL.

McG (executive producer of The O.C., and director of the Charlies Angels movies) is the creator and executive producer. David Nutter, (produced shows such as Dark Angel, Smallville, and many others) has been named director and executive producer of the show.

The show follows Sam, a recent Stanford graduate, and his older brother, Dean, as they encounter supernatural occurrences during a road trip in California.

So why are we sharing all of that technical information with you, you may ask. Well... Jensen and Jared Padalecki, (Gilmore Girls) have landed the two lead roles of the brothers.

Supernatural made its debut in the Fall of 2005 on the WB!

SUPERNATURAL is currently in its 5th season on the CW

Season 3


Jensen filmed a horror movie in Vancouver (where else?) in May-June 2004, titled Devour.

Devour-- get it now. GO

Jensen has completed the shooting for his third film, Ten Inch Hero, directed by David Mackay. His character's name is Priestly. Click the photo for more information.

Ten Inch Hero

The Bloody Remake

Jensen made his nationwide silver screen debut on January 16, 2009 in a remake of a horror movie classic. It ranked 3rd its opening weekend!


Jensen served as Producer and First Assistant Director (as well as actor; small yet funny part) on a film called The Plight of Clownana. The Director, Chris Dowling, is a long-time friend of Jensen's and they are very proud of it!


Jensen has signed on with FOX to star in the drama, Still Life from 20th Century Fox TV. The premise is that he will portray the son in a family that has recently suffered the death of its other son. The script has been described by producer, Kip Koenig, as a "family drama told from the point of view of a 22-year-old son who has recently died." Audrey Marie Anderson (Providence) has also been cast in the pilot in the role of the family's rebellious daughter, Emily.

The project is one of the first to come out of development for the fall 2004 tv season. It is produced by Koenig along with Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein and Dawn Parouse. It was originally supposed to begin airing January 2004, as a midseason replacement. There are 7 episodes waiting to air.

Third Degree is another pilot Jensen appeared in that has yet to air. Kristoffer Polaha (the husband of Jensen's friend and ex-costar from DOOL Julianne Morris) also stars in the production.


*1998 Outstanding Male Newcomer ~ Soap Opera Digest

*1998 Outstanding Younger Actor Nominee ~ Daytime Emmy Awards

*1999 Outstanding Younger Actor Nominee ~ Daytime Emmy Awards

*2000 Outstanding Younger Actor Nominee ~ Daytime Emmy Awards

*2006 Choice Breakout Star ~ Teen Choice Awards


Requested by Drew Barrymore, Jensen was offered the role of Guy (the boyfriend) in Never Been Kissed. But due to contractual reasons with DOOL, he wasn't able to oblige.


Jensen's rumored romance with LeAnn Rimes. Jensen and LeAnn had met when she was on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno years ago (The Tonight Show and DOOL tape on the same lot.) They are both from Dallas, Texas and became friends. LeAnn---one of the most successful country recording artists---had asked Jensen to be her date to the American Music Awards in 1998. Although they've never dated, she often hinted that they were somewhat of an item. That fueled the media's interest, and they ran with it. Jensen and LeAnn have always just been friends. He thinks of her as a younger sister.

Mrs. Lachey contradicts herself

Jensen - A boyfriend of Jessica Simpson? Not. Friends? Yes, at one point. They're both from Dallas, and Jessica's sister, Ashlee, took dance with one of Jensen's sister's friends. Jensen ventured out to CA before Jessica did. They were connected, but not romantically.

In an interview with both Nick and Jessica, Nick was asked to name all of Jessica's boyfriends. Nick mentioned Jensen being one of them. JESSICA, herself, replied by saying that Jensen was never a boyfriend...which totally contradicts her statement saying that he was (Hmmm!). They're really no longer in contact...due to busy schedules and whatnot.

Thank you very much for your interest in Jensen's career.

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