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Scenic Asturias

Playa del Xago

Playa del Xago is a beautiful secluded beach. As with a lot of the better and cleaner beaches in Asturias, you have to hike a little bit to get there. One of the consequences of Asturias' industry is some of the beaches are polluted, so the more secluded beaches are a better choice for bathing. Playa de Xago happens to popular with surfers. This photo does not do justice to the gorgeous rock color.


I took this picture in the lovely port town of Llanes. Llanes has lots of quaint shops and restaurants. Along the shore-line is promenade that over looks the steep cliff where the ocean thunders below. The side of the cliff was covered in bright pink, frangrant clove scented stock and white daisies. It's a lovely place to have a walk and contemplate.

El Nazo

This is an example of typical rural architecture in the northern part of Spain. The roofing is distinctively Spanish. (I borrowed this picture from a really great book about Asturias. Unfortunately, it is not available in English or in the United States. I could not find photo credit.)


I took this photo from the site of Peņatu. Peņatu location of a large boulder atop a mountain which is inscribed with prehistoric drawings by early Asturians. As you can see, the view from Peņa Tu is specular. Asturias is very green and mountainous, and this view is typical.

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