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Mieres, Asturias

Mieres is where I lived most of the time when I was in Spain. It is the coal-mining capital of Spain. As a result, Mieres is kind of a "gray" city, but the lively people more than make up for it. Mieres is loaded with tons of pubs, eateries, cultural activities and even a few small museums. Mieres is about a 20 minute drive from the capital of Asturias, Oviedo.

Church of San Juan

The Church of San Juan was a two minute walk from where I stayed. It is adjacent to the Cider Square where you can eat outside and have some famous Asturian alcoholic cider (sidra). The cider square is where a lot of the most colorful older generation hang out.

Festival of San Juan

Every summer the people of Mieres celebrate the Festival of San Juan (San Xuan) with a wild party. The evening begins with a dance around the bonfire in front of city hall. The city does not sleep on this night. In addition to concerts there are tents set up all over the city with food, dancing, and of course alcohol is bountiful.

Suburbs of Mieres

Right outside the city limits is untamed mountains and small rustic farming villages. Just a stones throw from the center of town, you will find livestock grazing free-range, small farms and orchards. It's also not uncommon to find older homes (some more than 500 years) where accomdations are simple, with minimal electric and plumbing.

For a more comprehensive look at Mieres, please visit my external Virtual Tourist Site about the city I love.

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