Name: Carrie aka "Lord of the Dance"

Age: 18, and now able to buy porn

Occupation: Professional Jello Wrestler

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Well, let's see. It was a dark and stormy night. The night was moist. And I say "Why don't we go to see Rocky Horror?" The others consented, and we went. Simple as that.

Why did you join cast?: To play Columbia, and sacrifice my Saturday nights.

Who do you play?: (see above...and if you're too goddamn lazy...) I play Columbia, the sparklie, sequinned, groupie.

Fetishes and Obsessions: Oh god...where to start?! Rocky Horror, obviously, Vampishness, Jessica Rabbit, and (my absolute fave, my hero, my idle) Catwoman (also vinyl...but I think that fits under my Catwoman obsession)..

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Well, anything is good as long as I can wrestle in it ;-) But my personal favorite for eating is Cherry.

Plastic or Paper?: Vinyl...oh yes...vinyl...
Name: Chris

Age: 876

Occupation: Florist to the stars.

Why did you first go to Rocky?: To look for the perfect pink pansy. And because I wanted to see Carrie and Liz in their undies on a semi-weekly basis for only $6.50.

Why did you join cast?: To fullfill a void in my life that mere pink flowers could not fill. And to see Carrie and Liz in their undies on a semi-weekly basis for only $.6.50.

Who do you play?: Dr. Scott

Fetishes and Obsessions: flowers, butterflies, and dancing in the rain

Favorite Jell-O flavor: pink

Plastic or Paper?: Rose petals
Name: Gary Louis A.K.A. "Louie"

Age: 27

Occupation: Student and soon to be a PC specialist

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Moms worked as manager of the snack bar at the movie theater. I was nine and thought it was a scary flick.

Why did you join cast?: To contribute to the show and play along with a cool cast of people.

Who do you play?: Rocky (It's the hair)

Fetishes and Obsessions: Vampires, Anne Rice, Music (Motley 4 life), Computers, Woman (only one now), And people in general.

Favorite Jell-O flavor:

Plastic or Paper?: Prefer Paper harder to trace
Name: Holly Ann Wisniewski

Age: Almost 3 dog years.

Occupation: I'm a Florist for now. I'll be a Molecular Neurogeneticist in about 5 years. Brains, beware.

Why did you first go to Rocky?: My best friend, Shannon, made me. I hate her to this day.

Why did you join cast?: Once again, blame Shannon. She joined the "Seduction Production" at Cinema 35 and I got bored. Since we're practiacally attatched at the hip, I was left with little choice. And the fringe benifits... the free root canal especially.

Who do you play?: Magenta and Columbia... at the same time. I played Janet once, but I was drunk and cried all night. It was sad when the whole Friday night cast at Cinema 35 had to pull me out of the fire exit kicking and screaming.

Fetishes and Obsessions: Merideth and her sock... And M & M machines. They rock!

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Lye.

Plastic or Paper?: Florence flask. Ever see "the Methanol Cannon?" It's very cool.
Name: Ian Samuel MacKensie

Age: 19

Occupation: International Straw Sales.

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Because my sister hated playing Frank, and she thought a guy should play the part. So one weekend I decided to give it a shot.

Why did you join cast?: Well, because we needed a male Frank, and my sister made me.

Who do you play?: Frank duh, but I like to dress up as Liz sometimes just to freak people out.

Fetishes and Obsessions: Priscilla!!! Bondage pants, men, naked men, and dressing up like women.

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Purrr, only if you lick it off...

Plastic or Paper?: Leather
Name: Jeremy :The Happy Butcher

Age: 21 in earth years. 1138 in Albanian.

Occupation: Pittsburghian Prostitute.

Why did you first go to Rocky?: My car broke down right outside the theatre and I thought it would be safer to put on some velvet and vinyl try to blend in rather than upset those wacky zany Rocky Horror kids.

Why did you join cast?: Because someone had too, and God damn if I was gonna let another cucumber fetish-winnie the pooh-crack whore join in my place.

Who do you play?: Riff, Eddie, an occasional Magenta, and of course, the sexiest damn Marilyn Monroe you've EVER seen.

Fetishes and Obsessions: Rexlexology... I can give you an orgasm just by touchin your feet ;). Art, make-up and special effects, Nobel prize winning geneticists, and of course: purple saran wrap.

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Meat.

Plastic or Paper?: Meat.
Name: john bitondo

Age: 17...thats 119 in dog years, 572,457,600 in seconds

Occupation: student, writer, photo technician, professional concubine

Why did you first go to Rocky?: so i would have an excuse to wear my grandmother's pearls in public

Why did you join cast?: well, i normally wear a maid's outfit, so i figured i might as well

Who do you play?: magenta, eddie, crim....i auditioned for the part of dr. scotts wheelchair, but i'm still waiting for the decision on that one

Fetishes and Obsessions: star-f*cker...i've been with marilyn monroe, janis joplin, and elvis presley....NECROPHILIA , BABY!!!!!

Favorite Jell-O flavor: children

Plastic or Paper?: that you mean to eat or to wear?
Name: Kristin DeMaria

Age: 19

Occupation: dietary aid and jonathan davis's sex slave

Why did you first go to Rocky?: the evil elf lizzy told me to come and see her in it!

Why did you join cast?: i was getting bord of just sitting in the audience and i also go the you look like magenta thing as well

Who do you play?: Magenta duh

Fetishes and Obsessions: jonathan davis

Favorite Jell-O flavor: white grape all over jonathan davis

Plastic or Paper?: paper please
Name: Lauren a.k.a L-Boogie (Don't ask...Just don't ask...)

Age: On my home planet we don't measure age in years, but on this one I'd have to say 18.

Occupation: Free-lance taxidermist

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Uhh...Boredom, and to see John in his grandmother's pearls

Why did you join cast?: I enjoy public nudity (Myself and that of others)

Who do you play?: Columbia and in the future, Janet

Fetishes and Obsessions: Anything leopard print, corsets, midgets, those strange vegetables that farmers in Utah send pictures of to the Enquirer because they look just like Elvis....Oh S***t, was I thinking out loud again??!!

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Nicaragua

Plastic or Paper?: fishnet
Name: Lizzzy

Age: 19

Occupation: Lifeguard/Computer Consultant/Fudge Taster/Hot Bagel

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Carrie made me

Why did you join cast?: Rob was naked, no one should be subjected to that.

Who do you play?: I don't play Eddie or Dr. Scott...

Fetishes and Obsessions: Elves, Elizabeth Hurley, Austin Powers, The Simpsons, They Might Be Giants, Cute Boy, Coochie rings, brown sugar, icing, top hats, ghetto superstar, dancing for money, christening Gabe's bed without Gabe, slumber parties, body piercing, and yes, even Rocky Horror.

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Cheese

Plastic or Paper?: Chutes and Ladders
Name: Meredith "the silent"--hey, that makes it sound like the nicknames they used to give to emperors...

Age: 19...just because I'm overage, doesn't mean it's legal

Occupation: hehe, do you mean what I WANT to be?!

Why did you first go to Rocky?: I had heard of how it goes, but my friend was the one who took me first...Take me, Take me! the SHOW, that is.

Why did you join cast?: I was intrigued by the insane people I saw before me, and I knew I had to be one of them. Not that I wasn't insane before hand, but here, one is able to express themselves openly.

Who do you play?: Main role is Crim (I played him in vinyl, hehe), but I've played Riff and Janet...wohoo Un-der-wear!!!

Fetishes and Obsessions: Umm...I don't think I can tell you that. "Enter my dungeon of delight"

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Cherry, Lime, hey if it jiggles, it's fun. :)

Plastic or Paper?: Both can be equally enjoyable, depending on the situation....WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE DONE TO ME!?
no picture available Name: People tell me it is Rob but I really don't know.

Age: OK i was born on 9/16/77 so that makes me uhhh i think 77

Occupation: E.M.T. (empty minded twit, or emergency medical tech., you decide), student, run my own Internet based business

Why did you first go to Rocky?: I was abducted by aliens and they brought me there then injected me with some weird chemical into my left small toe that made me become addicted to rocky horror and now I can't get away.

Why did you join cast?: II never joined cast they drafted me and I still don't think I am on cast I just perform almost every week. But I am not a cast member.

Who do you play?: well isn't that getting a little personal, oh weight you are not talking about that, OK i have played Eddie, Dr. Scott, crim, transy, Rocky, the striper knows as trixy (me in only sheer black panties is sexy) and who ever else they ask me to play

Fetishes and Obsessions: Ublood and guts, Goats, my left testicle, my right testicle, and what ever else turns me on.

Favorite Jell-O flavor: plaid

Plastic or Paper?: for what?
Name: Ryan Greene (mild mannered evil robot in human disguise)

Age: I'm this many ~~~> 11111111111111111111

Occupation: Tow Truck Driver Supreme

Why did you first go to Rocky?: My sister used to go when I was little, I figured I'd see what all the fuss was about.

Why did you join cast?: I like running around in my underwear. Or other peoples underwear.

Who do you play?: Riff Raff

Fetishes and Obsessions: Mustangs, necks, red hair, Mustangs, handcuffs, Mustangs, monkees, spam, monkees in handcuffs, Mustangs, monkees in handcuffs covered in spam while driving a Mustang, oh and I like The Golden Girls.

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Blue

Plastic or Paper?: That's disgusting!
Name: Tex

Age: Over the Hill

Occupation: TV Slut

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Why was new to the theatres then

Why did you join cast?: Carrie made me do it

Who do you play?: Who dont i play?....currently Frank

Fetishes and Obsessions: BDSM.....whip me baby whip me

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Cherry ala Liz or was that Cherry ona Liz?

Plastic or Paper?: Paper or plastic: Leather whips and handcuffs
Name: Michael Aaron

Age: 19

Occupation: Lighting and Sound Designer for Theater and TV as well as being a College Student. When I'm not in the theater you can see me working as a part time dispatcher for a local police dept.

Why did you first go to Rocky?: April of 98

Why did you join cast?: cause they needed a tech director and I've been doing this for over 8 years so i think I'm qualified to do this job

Who do you play?: sometimes i will play crim most though I'm in the booth

Fetishes and Obsessions: um yeah OK like i 'm going to share my most intimate sexual obsessions with you Internet people yeah right

Favorite Jell-O flavor: grage

Plastic or Paper?: paper duh
no picture available Name: Michael aka "Mini-Mike"

Age: 25

Occupation: Professional Girraffe Trainer

Why did you first go to Rocky?: Because there was nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

Why did you join cast?: See above

Who do you play?: play with the big flashlights and well hung speakers. (get yer mind out of the gutter. I just do the lights and sound effects.)

Fetishes and Obsessions: I'm obsessed with finding out if the light really turns off when you close the refidgerator door.

Favorite Jell-O flavor: Lime

Plastic or Paper?: wood

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