great shot!!!
Kristin, Ian, and Carrie are ready for their close-up.
great shot!!!
Ryan & Kristin as Riff & Magenta, Matt & Jessie as Brad & Janet.
Hey there!!
Carrie as Columbia and her jukebox!
Why don't you stay for the night?
Liz, Ryan, and Carrie (as Frank) decked out for the Christmas show!
Are those breasts?
Carrie, Kristin, Ian and Ryan.
Sha la la
Carrie, Jeremy and Liz, that ain't no crime.
Play it!!
"Play more 'Free Bird'!" yells Jeremy (again).
He killed my boyfriend!!!
Liz being really pissed off!
Whoohoo Penthouse!!!
Carrie and Kristin read about sailors and waitresses.
IIIII have grown veary of dis accent
Ryan, Kristin and Ian When shall we return, eh?
Shake it Baby
Carrie struts her stuff as Columbia.
Future Rockette
Chris shows off his sexxy legs as Dr.Scott.
Its all over...
Ryan and Kristin as Riff and Magenta in the infamous space suits.
Liz, Carrie and Kristin, the buxom Trixie threesome in their last show together.
Mike, the waiter from Louie's Charcoal Pit our favorite pre-show/post-show hang out.

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