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October 31, 1997.

Hi, my name is Brooke, and if you've looked over any of this page, you know by now that I'm a little horsecrazy. Anyway, I'm 20 years old, I live in New Jersey, and I have one great horse, D.J.. I've been riding for about seven years, and bought my first horse almost six years ago. I use to rent horses from a stable near my house, Slim's Ranch. I rode there so much that they offered me a job. I started working there when I was 13, and that's how I got the money for my horse. By 1997, it was time for me to get a 'real' job. I needed more money than what I was making, to be able to keep my horse, so I started telemarketing part-time. Yeah, I know, I was one of those 'annoying people that call you at dinner time'. Well, trust me, we don't like it anymore than you do! But, it payed well, and enabled me to keep my horse. To make a long story short, the barn I was at changed it's name to Timber Creek Ranch and relocated on Halloween day in 1997. There were a lot of different things going on at the time, so when some friends moved their horses, I went with them. Shortly thereafter, I boughtJ.R., a wonderful Thoroughbred gelding. Unfortunately, I needed to get my own vehicle, and didn't have money to get one, and keep two horses. So, after spending a mere year and a half with him, I had to sell J.R. Most recently, my cat and I have moved from my parents house to Boxwood Farm, an Arabian breeding farm where I now work. D.J. came with me as well, and is to be bred to one of our stallions this year. We have race horses and also compete in endurance riding here. I love it, it's so much nicer than telemarketing!

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