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Z's Dusty Jewel

Z's Dusty Jewel (D.J.) is my first horse. I've owned her for almost six years. She is an 19 year old, 15.1 hand tall Appaloosa mare. I bought her from Slim's Ranch, the stable that got me into the horse world. She used to be a hack horse, but she wasn't suited for it, that's for sure! She used to spin in circles, and take people through trees, until they would bring her back to the barn!

I used D.J for everything from jumping, to trailriding, to barrel racing, to galloping around like a wild Banshee! However, in May of 1997, I found out she has ringbone, which is a form of arthritis. Because of this, she is no longer able to jump or do any sort of work that is stressful to her legs. It's ashame, because she was a beautiful jumper, I had a lot of fun with her. Luckily, with proper shoeing, she will stay sound.

This mare has taught me so much over the last few years. She has taught me about all aspects of horse ownership, and I've had a lot of great times with her. With my new job, I don't have very much time to keep her exercised,, so I have sort of given her to MaryLou, a woman who owns a nearby farm. This woman makes sure she is well cared for, and ridden everyday. In exchange for caring for her, she will be breeding D.J. to one of our stallion, and will keep the foal. The best part is that I still have D.J.'s papers, and if MaryLou ever decides she doesn't have time for D.J., I will bring her home.

D.J.'s Bloodlines

D.J.'s Photo Gallery