Our Lovely Girls - Gone But Not Forgotten

Raised With Love...Shown With Pride. These ar some of our girls that we have retired from our breeding program.

Ch. Sherjak's Favorite of Shep

Fava acquired her title before I was even finished show-training her! What a thrill. She had one litter for me before returning to her co-breeder, Suzie Shepard. She is the dam of our beautiful Ch. Sherjak's Demitasse who is sired by our Ch. JC-Sherjak's Thrill Chaser.

Ch. Sherjak's Show 'Em No Mercy

Mercy had one of the most exciting sidegaits I have ever seen on a Papillon. Sired by Ch. Mardon's Mr. Tough Guy (whom I finished for Jack and Lois Horan) out of a Tallyho daughter. After two unsuccessful attempts to breed her, our vet determined that she narrowed to the cervix and would have to be AI'd and c-sectioned in order to produce. We spayed her instead.

Ch. Sherjak's Desiderata

Sandy was one of the most exciting movers I have ever seen - correct when viewed from any angle. Sired by Tallyho out of Little Fallon Fantastique, CD. To our sorrow, Sandy died of a blood blot after her second c-section with her owner. She left behind the beautiful Ch. Brookfield-Sherjak's Roudy and the nearly finished Brookfield-Sherjak Finale. Seldom a day goes by that we don't think of her. This is a sad example of why we refuse to include dogs in our breeding program that do not free whelp their puppies. No puppies are worth the possible death of their dam.

Sherjak's Crystal Clear

Our lovely Tootsie is a black-masked mahogany sable. She is so elegant in person and full of fun. A sweet girl who loves to show and has amassed 14 of the required 15 points for a champion title. In all honesty, it is very difficult to successfully show a dog without a blaze even though it is not a requirement of our breed standard. We felt that Toots was losing to inferior dogs just because of her lack of blaze and therefore decided to retire her from the ring and let her have some puppies.

Tootsie's sire is Ch. Ringland's Legacy's Story out of Mercer's Crystal Clear Sherjak, who is a Thunder grandson. She is 9-1/2" tall and weighs about 6 lbs.

Sherjak-Brookfield Babette

Babs is a white and black girl that loves to have somone sing "Bah Bah Black Sheep" to her. We have never figured out why she loves that song so much, but perhaps it is because I have affectionately called her "bahbah" instead of Babs at times.

She is sired by Ch. Ringlands Legacy's Story out of Brookfield-Sherjak's Jewel. She represents an outcross breeding of a Thunder daughter to the Ringlands bloodline. Babs is a heavily coated white & black girl that is cuddly and sweet. She is 9-1/2" tall and weighs 6 lbs. Too much of a couch potato to be a good show dog, she has stayed home and proven the strength of her fantastic bloodlines in her beautiful sound litters. She is the dam of our pretty little Abba; the new kid in the show ring, Asia; the Canadian showman, Buster...to name just a few.

Sherjak's Silk Stockings

Oh these beautiful reds. They are so stunning and are actually our favorite color. We don't see too many of them in the show ring any longer I believe because judges are too swayed by the beautiful fringing on the tri-colors. The reds genetically have the least amount of ear fringe. Sally is sired by Can. CH. Pizaz's Hercules To Win out of Sherjak's Arabesque. Sally is 9-1/4" tall and weighs 5 lbs.

Sally is a delightful little girl who is full of fun and cares for and plays with her puppies well into adulthood. Pictured here at 14 months, she now has a lovely silky coat and a good amount of fringing for a clear red (not red sable). Sally is the dam of our stunning Beauty.


When this little girl was born, I exclaimed "Oh what a beauty!" And we have called her "Beauty" ever since. I call her my "perfect" dog. Never does anything wrong, always pretty, always comes when called, doesn't dig holes, a great little show dog, etc.

Beauty is a little 9" tall red sable & white girl who weighs about 5 lbs. Her sire is Ch. Sherjak's Pride Of The Pines (Jet) and her dam is our stunning redhead, Sherjak's Silk Stockings (Sally).

Sherjak's Mirror Mirror On The Wall, CHIC #86607, NAD and PRA-1 Clear

We actually call her CINDY THE BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure this needs no explanation. Cindy's dam is our beautiful Zelicaon Candy Cane and her sire is the handsome Ch. VonCross Andy. She is 9-1/4" tri color with fabulous ear fringes, a correct silky coat and a devilish attitude which she gets from her mother. She is pictured here at 1 year of age. By the time she's 4, she's going to be tripping on her ear fringe it will be so long.

Sherjak's Tell Me No Lies, CHIC #78828, NAD and PRA-1 Clear

For those of you who remember our Diva and her antics with stealing Jim's tomatoes, I can tell you that things like that are GENETIC! Like mother, like daugher, Ivy has no trouble stealing the ripe tomatoes right out from under Jim's nose. And he thought putting a chain link fence around his garden was going to stop that. I can still hear Ivy laughing.....

Sherjak's All Eyes On Lindy

Lindy is the only daughter that beautiful Margo gave us and we are lucky to have this sweet little girl in our breeding program. Lindy was an absolute joy to live with and produced the gorgeous Ch. Sherjak's Apparition.

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