Our Beloved Sherjak Girls - Gone But Not Forgotten!

Welcome to view some of our special girls, without whom, there would be no Sherjak Paps! Raised with Love, these are some of our girls of the past

Ch. Sherjak's Fancy Feathers, DOM

Our top producing (and much adored) Feather was sired by Candy and Chattels Little Butterfly who herself produced 3 champions before her untimely death from complications during a c-section. We are so proud that Feather has completed the requirements for her Dam of Merit title. We lost Feather in 2008 at 17 years of age.

Ch. Sherjak's Fancy Acclaim

Peanut is a litter sister to Feather, above. Peanut was outstanding in movement and she appears to freely pass this quality to her progeny. Peanut is the dam of three Champions. We lost Peanut in 2007 at 16 years of age.

Ch. Sherjak's Pandemonium of TNT

Panda is a Tallyho daughter out of Showtimes Ladeb Julieanne. She produced the two Champion littermates: Ch. Sherjak's Bad To The Bones and Ch. Sherjak's Rukus in Brookfield. We regret that her third show-stopper, JC-Sherjak's Miss B was killed in a kennel fight before finishing while living with a co-owner.

Sherjak-Pines Wild About Me

Ah, pretty little Diva. I so wanted her to be the pretty little lady in town. To our dismay, Diva should have been named "Mike" or "Tom" or perhaps "George". She is quite the tomboy. Never clean and pretty, she is either digging holes or rearranging her rock garden which she would prefer to have in my dining room. However she has proven to be a very nice producer and wonderful dam. Her first litter by our Jet has produced the magnificent young boy, Tommy, who will be making his appearance in the ring this fall. Her next litter gave us Eva who is Co-owned with Lois Rondeau and the next litter gave us Leo who is co-owned with Rhonda Dalton. You will be hearing more about these two puppies as they start their show careers in 2010.

Diva is a little 9" tall and weighs 5 lbs. She is shown here at 10 months of age, so her coat does not reflect an adult length. Her sire is the magnificent German Ch. Emeraud son, Win, owned by Lois Horan. Her dam is our darling little Fancy.


When this little girl was born, I had such great hopes of her being one of our next champions. Sadly, Abba has inherited the "couch potato" gene from her dam, Babs, and could care less about traveling the country going to dog shows. She would rather lay on the sofa watching soap operas. Oh well, there are worse things in life, right? If you have read the article "Recall" in the September '08 issue of PapTalk, this is the infamous "ABBA".

Abba is a little 9" tri color girl weighing almost 5 lbs. She has a beautiful floating gait and is correct when viewed at any angle. Her sire is our Ch. Sherjak's Pride Of The Pines (Jet) and her dam is Brookfield-Sherjak's Babette (Babs).

Now retired and living the life of leisure in a Motor Home no less is our lovely Zelicaon Candy Cane, Chic #78827. Candy is the mother of our Gr. Ch. Zelicaon Count Your Blessing (Mickey), Sherjak's Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Cindy), Sherjak's Devine Miss Emily (Emily), Sherjak's Sheer Bliss (Bliss) and the lovely Sherjak's Phoebe.

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Sherjak's All Eyes On Me CHIC #78829

Margo is a 9" tri color girl who is one of the prettiest and best-moving Papillons we've ever had the pleasure to own. Her only bad habit is digging holes. I wish I could think of something else train her to do with those pretty little feet - stomp grapes into wine perhaps? I'm open to suggestions.

Although her show career was off to an exciting start when she was just 6 months old, a mishap in the ring caused by another exhibitor has left her with a sour taste in her mouth for the whole thing. Since I will never force a dog to show, Margo will remain home watching TV with Jim and having beautiful puppies.

Sherjak-Pines Still Making Magic, CHIC #110547, NAD & PRA-1 Clear

Peggy was obtained specifically to bring the black & white gene back into our breeding program. She is a delightful 9-1/2" girl with beautiful fringing and length of coat for her age. She has been tested clear of the PRA and NAD gene, and has her CHIC Number.

Sherjak's Who's The Fairest One of All, Chic #96653, NAD & PRA-1 Clear

FINALLY....a pretty redhead.. We are so delighted with Gina. She is such a happy and funny dog, always looking to amuse us. She has returned to NJ to live out her retirement there.

Deanna's No Halo At Sherjak, CHIC #110546, PRA-1 and NAD Clear

This is Halo of You Tube Fame! If you can see a drop of water at our home, you will find Halo in it. If she's not in the pool, she has found a puddle or is splashing in the water bowl! I swear she must have been a fish in a previous life. A little girl of just 9" tall, she is full of fun and mischief.

Halo is now retired and using up as much water as she can find in TN. I sure miss my pool buddy!

Sherjak's Sheer Bliss, DOM Chic #95395, NAD and PRA-1 Clear

Bliss is a delightful red sable & white girl who was a real crowd pleaser in the show ring. Sadly, after a mishap when another dog jumped her, Bliss lost her enthusiasm for the show ring because she was worried about it happening again. It broke my heart to heart to have to retire her from showing, however, Bliss has excelled in the whelping box and produced outstanding puppies! And we are proud to announce she has been awarded the coveted DAM OF MERIT title for producing a high number of Champion progeny!

Sherjak's I've Got An App For This, CHIC #124707, NAD & PRA-1 Clear

Our delightful little Apple is out of Peggy and Jagger. She is small, very refined and has a fun-loving happy personality. Sadly, she would rather be home with us than in the show ring with our handler, so we have never forced her to show.


Our little imp, the beautiful little Layla. She came from Poland and we were so thrilled with her style and personality - not to mention her BEAUTY! Sadly, she was unable to free whelp her second litter for us, and since it is our policy to never use females that require a c-section to have puppies, we spayed her. We do have puppies by her that we will be showing soon!

Sherjak's Fairy Dancer, PRA/NAD Clear, CHIC #149681

Little Sadie - the tomato thief. Plenty of pictures of her on Facebook trying to avoid being caught stealing Jim's tomatoes. She is such a fun little girl. Sadie is a red sable, 9" tall and her sire is our Milo.

Ch. Honeykyst Getchya Suumma That Sherjak, PRA/NAD Clear, CHIC #152470

The beautiful little Maddie finished her Grand Champion title in 2020 at 17 months of age despite the restrictions of COVID-19 proving that you can't keep a good girl down! Maddie is a 9" Miss Meghan daughter out of Milo. She is the dam of our beautiful up and coming Maggie Magoo

Sherjak's Raining Sunshine

I call this beautiful Jagger daughter, Looney Tunes. So that should give you an idea of her personality. She loves to chase water from the hose and there is a video of her on Facebook doing just that. She's a delightful funny girl.