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Our Wedding Day

Darla and I were finally married on January 2nd, 2000. We decided to have a Renaissance type wedding. It was so wonderfully different. Everyone there had such a wonderful time and looked resplendent in their attire of the time. We were so happy that people actually decided to dress up. Here are some of our pictures.

The King & Queen

This is a picture of us on this happiest day of our life (obviously). We rented the costumes of course. All the accessories and jewelry are our own though. Darla and her sisters spent MANY hours trying hair-styles to go with the veil headpiece they made together.

Us With Princess Victoria.

Now here is the happy Bride and Groom with our little princess who is now nine months old. She was less than happy to have to pose for ANY amount of time so she is only in a few select shots. The dress she is wearing was handmade by her Aunt Deb, who turned out to be the Royal Seamstress. She helped out a lot with alterations and such.

Ye Royal Court

What wedding would be complete without a group of people posing as your "party"? We didn't have the traditional five hundred useless men and women surround us with such titles as "assistant to the director of ushers" Who we did have was our Lady of the Bride who is Deena, Darla's sister. Also we had our Lord of the Groom who is my brother Louis. Rather than have their respective partners sit apart from them for the simple reason that they lacked a title, they all sat up at the head table with me and Darla. It is much better that way we think. From left to right we have Sir William (our M.C.), Lady Deena, Queen Darla, King Jai, Lord Louis, and Lady Jen.

Photos with the Kids