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Ye Princes and Princesses

While most weddings tend to exclude children, they played a very integral role in ours. The Ladies of the Gate were out front to greet the guests with program scrolls, wedding bubbles, and guide them to the guestbook for signing. The Knights of Chivalry then tended to everyone to ensure that they were seated properly. Darla's own three wonderful children played an even more involved part in our wedding. Christopher played the role of Minstrel very well, playing his guitar for the processional and recessional music. Music, I might add, of his own learning instead of the traditional Bridal March, he played wonderfully appropriate melodies. Nicholas was our Guardian of the Rings, bearing the symbols of our love and later doing a reading on the symbolism and importance of the Celtic Knotwork Rings we chose. The ring pillow itself was also of Darla's creation. Kathryn effortlessly charmed all present as The Rose Petal Princess, enthusiastically showering our aisle with flowers, and continuing to do so during the ceremony to the amusement of everyone. Even the opening reading and welcome was performed by Darla's eldest nephew J.J. We are so very proud of all of them and couldn't be happier that they were there to be a part of our most special day.

Ye Royal Youth

Here they are in full costume!

Ye Queen and Her Galliant Knight

Sir Nicholas bowing to the Queen, with a soft kiss to her hand.

Ye King and His Princess Victoria

The very happy King and the very tired Princess.

The Ceremony