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PR here saying thanks to.......

Over the time it has taken me to build this page, there have been a number of people who helped make it all possible. This little spot is just to acknowledge those people to let them know that they have made a difference. =)

DARLA.....For all of your love and patience through the countless hours I have spent working on this. Not to mention letting me use your computer. =)

My daughter Victoria Rose......Without you, nothing would seem worth doing.

Coca-Cola.....For providing refreshment while building. Always Coca-cola

WISEONE.....For introducing me to Angelfire in the first place and all of your little words of wisdom.

SHAHIRA.....For all of your love, help, and support.

FIARFLYZ.....For believing in my poetry and suggestions on the backgrounds. =)

BLUEYZ44.....For coming back often and truly appreciating what I am doing here. Thank you for all the kind words on my poems.

NINI.....For loving my poems almost as much as I do.

ANGEL FROM HEAVEN.....For being my little cyber daughter and helping me find meaning in that term. You are a constant source of inspiration for me and I love you a lot. =)

DRAGONLOVER.....For keeping me company while I update and helping me spread this page on the net.

FIREBIRD.....For building a great palace that helped me fall in love with the net in the first place and linking me to your great little spot. Lot's of Love Buddy. =)

MOM AND DAD.....Without you, I wouldn't even be here to do this. (obviously).

PHOENIXFYRE.....For your help with HTML.

ANGELFIRE.....For letting me build here and for the webspace.

THE PALACE......Especially Firebird's Forest. And all the great people I continue to meet there.

ICQ.....For providing me with all the great people I talk to everyday and letting me send my PR here sayings.......

EVERYONE ON MY ICQ LIST......For letting me bring some humor in our otherwise laughless world.

AND YOU!!!!......For coming in the first place. Thank you one and all.

To Pure Poetry...
To PR here saying....