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Pure Poetry

Topics of My poetry

Poetry has been around since humans first learned to communicate. The art of expressing feelings and thoughts into abstract words and prose has been the best way to convey those emotions that we all too often cannot express through normal actions. This is where the poet comes in.

I first started writing serious poetry in the Tenth grade as an assignment for english class. For me, it was no big deal. I would turn one out during lunch while eating french fries and playing spades with my friends. For some reason though, my teacher thought they were amazing. I have always been able to express myself with words, so to me, it really was no big thing. It was such an easy thing to do, and I loved to do it. It is so amazing when someone can find something they love to do. It makes life so much easier to live.

One time she asked me to write a sonnet. She explained it to me and how it is supposed to look. So I went back to my seat, and fifteen minutes later I went up to her with my completed sonnet. No big deal. She was amazed. I don't prefer to write sonnets most of the time. There is just too much structure in them for me. I like my poems to be as free as I am. When you start to make rules and limit the boundaries, you start to stifle the creativity. I still do write sonnets on occasion, but only when the poem wants to be written as one. I never ever sit down and think "I will write this as a sonnet" It always just comes out that way.

On this page I have links to four different forms of my poetry. I hope you will take the time to explore each one as they are all a part of the complex puzzle that makes up the glorious personality of PR. If you like them, of course you should drop me a line and tell me what you think. Thanks, enjoy, and I love all of you. Sincerely.

PR here saying...
Love Poems
Death Poems
Life Poems
Hate Poems