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Meanings of the songs

Bleach -
The band was in California, and they saw some people in a disease control campaign encouraging people tobleach their used needles to sterilize them. The joke was that bleach was going to become an invaluable commodity. Produced:Jack Endino Drums: Chad Channing (unless otherwise noted)

Nevermind - Not caring about anything, a“whatever happens, happens” attitude. - Produced: Butch Vig Drums:Dave Grohl

Incesticide - The killing of incestous people

In Utero - Literally means “in or of theuterus,” it's their most under developed studio effort, making it somewhatlike a fetus still being in the womb. - Produced: Steve Albini Drums:Dave Grohl

B-Sides, Rarities, & Compilation Tracks

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