UN "1503" Communication Against United States January 30, 1997

The UN Human Rights Commission never acknowledged receipt of this communication.
No information is available regarding its processing.

76 Market Street, Apt. D5
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
United States of America
30 January, 1997

Centre for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


This communication is submitted under the "1503" procedure. It concerns a consistent and long-standing pattern of torture and other human rights violations in and by the United States of America. It includes this nation's obstinate refusal to provide a torture victim with any form of recourse or remedy, as well as interference with NGOs, European governments, and even United Nations agencies, for the purpose of evading its responsibility under international human rights agreements.

Though a state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the United States has not demonstrated good faith in implementing these treaties. The State Department has not responded to my letters concerning such implementation (see the attached materials).

The Executive Branch of my government will not accept complaints of torture and other rights violations, particularly when these involve attack with chemical- biological weapons or sophisticated electromagnetic equipment that violates the privacy and security of the victim's mind and body. My letters in 1995 to the FBI, the President, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, and the National Security Council have gone unanswered. My complaint to the FBI dated 16 September, 1996, the most recent of many such complaints, resulted in an unsigned, undated form letter postmarked 30 September. Of twelve possible responses, the only one marked was "The FBI cannot assist you with your complaint/inquiry."

The Legislative Branch will not exercise effective oversight regarding the activities of the "intelligence community," nor will it examine the conduct of executive officials who refuse to enforce the law. Congressmen and senators respect the secrecy of a "national security" state over the public's need to be aware of government's intrusive and criminal acts. They do not respond substantively to my letters, nor do they take any action.

My letter to the United States Supreme Court dated 25 December, 1996, with accompanying petition bearing the same date, resulted in an insultingly specious rejection. In claiming that the Court lacks original jurisdiction, Mr. Clayton R. Higgins, Jr. directly contradicted the Constitution itself.

The most powerful government on earth has successfully prevailed upon all major NGOs to ignore the pleas of those it has selected as torture victims or experimental subjects. Only Harlan Girard's International Committee for the Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons has provided any support or advocacy. In my case as well, three of the best nations on earth -- Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium -- have callously rejected my asylum applications and forcibly repatriated me. I am literally trapped in the United States, too poor and too ill now to attempt another escape. My most recent letter to Congressman Menendez, dated 17 January, 1997, makes the point that in arbitrarily considering the United States a "safe country of origin," these European states are illegally discriminating against American citizens who seek asylum within their territories.

Even the United Nations itself seems disposed to ignore or cover up American human rights violations and those of countries acting in concert with the USA. The Centre for Human Rights never acknowledged receipt of my communication dated 30 November, 1990, nor has there been any response or feedback with respect to any subsequent communication (see the attached Summary of Contacts with United Nations and the letters to the UNHCR dated 4 November and 3 December, 1996). So thorough is the cover-up that the Danish Government now makes bold to deny knowledge of my 1991 Human Rights and Torture complaints (see the attached letter to Mr. Jorn Andersen dated 31 December, 1996).

An international human rights conspiracy has deprived me -- and probably many others -- of all recourse, remedy, or hope of rescue. There is no way out for those whom America chooses to torture. The law means nothing. The Constitution and the human rights treaties are flouted with impunity. No nation will provide asylum. No organization will offer vigorous advocacy. No journalist will expose the scandal.

Please accept this communication and apply to this distressing circumstance whatever moral force may be at your disposal. The human rights system is broken. For humanity's sake, please help fix it.

I can provide more information and documentation. Do not hesitate to contact me at this address. My phone number is 732-324-7467.

Yours truly,
(original signed)
James Henry Graf

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