"Formfilling" Statement

Note: The intake procedure at Sandholm Refugee Camp in Birkerød, Denmark required applicants to fill out a questionnaire. This included items that required the asylum-seeker to demonstrate the basis of his claim. Though not in possession of most of my documents, I composed the following on September 19, 1991.

II. Information relating to political, religious, trade union and similar organisational matters

Please describe any political, religious, trade union and similar organisational matters which have contributed to it being necessary for you to leave your native country.

Please account for your knowledge of the following in your answer:

a) The names, structure, objects and size of the organisations as well as their leaders.

b)The periods during which you have been a member, your personal position in the organisations and the activities that you have been involved in for these organizations.

My answer:

I am a member of the Democratic Party, one of the two major political parties in the United States. I am a "liberal" Democrat, that is, I am vocal in support of such causes as civil rights, civil liberties, social justice, and civilian control of the military. During the Vietnam War years, I wrote letters to the editor in local newspapers criticizing American involvement in, and policy regarding, that conflict.

I also marched in several small demonstrations against the war. These were peaceful, legal activities. After a number of "apolitical" years, I participated in a demonstration in Jersey City, New Jersey in or about 1981. [Note: The date was February 28, 1982.] This was a protest against American military aid to El Salvador, and against the atrocities committed by El Salvadoran "death squads," with apparent tacit support from the U.S.A. This demonstration was also perfectly legal and non-violent, sponsored by the Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), of which I am not a member. It appears, however, that federal and/or state agents may have begun, or resumed, investigation of me and my activities. CISPES has claimed in subsequent years that the Reagan Administration actively harassed and infiltrated its membership.

I have been a member of Amnesty International, a human rights organization that seeks to expose torture and maltreatment of prisoners throughout the world.

I have also been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, which seeks to advance, through education and through selective civil litigation, such causes as freedom of speech and freedom from discrimination.

I have expressed verbal support for the Sanctuary Movement, which sought to protect from deportation those refugees in the United States who faced possible imprisonment, murder or torture if sent back to their home countries in Central America. One of the movement's most prominent figures, Mr. Jack Elder, was a fraternity brother of mine at the Catholic University of America.

As a member of Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO, a labor union in New York State, I filed, between 1984 and 1987, a number of contract and non-contract grievances dealing with conditions at my workplace and the discriminatory treatment I had received there.

III. Conflicts you may be involved in your native country

Describe any conflicts you may be involved in in your native country. It should appear from your answer whether you have been subject to any harassment or search of your house, and whether you have been wanted by the police; any accusations, arrests, imprisonment, torture or the like that you have been subject to should be listed. Your reply should include the dates of any such events, and where they took place. The names should be given of any authorities or others who have been involved.

My answer:

My house and car were frequently searched without a warrant between about 1982 and the time I left the U.S.A. My personal papers appear to have been searched, inventoried, copied, and, in the case of one document, stolen. A voluminous dossier has been assembled without my knowledge or consent, to which I have been denied access. This dossier deals not only with activities, associations, and public behavior, but also concerns, in minute detail, aspects of my health and bodily functioning, my home life, my personal habits, my closest personal relationships, and my sexual attitudes and behaviors.

My car was apparently tampered with on numerous occasions, resulting in breakdowns and dangerous road situations. There were numerous attempts by other drivers to cause accidents. These, I believe, were planned and organized by public officials at my workplace.

My employers have conducted "evaluations" at which accusations of misconduct and/or incompetency were maliciously and slanderously presented. I was not permitted to attend and was not informed of these "evaluations," before or after the fact. They apparently included forged and misleading documentation, perjured testimony, and the use of "doctored" photographs. Though I have tried on numerous occasions to obtain records of these "evaluations," my efforts were consistently unsuccessful.

I have been subjected since at least 1982 to intensive surveillance, personal, photographic, and electronic, in public, at my workplace, and at home.

Since the summer of 1987, I have been tortured 24 hours a day with state-of-the-art anthropotelemetric equipment. This includes a device that can read and record private human thoughts and, as well, can subject its victim to the unrelenting palaver of a professional mental torture team. I swear by whatever gods may be, this is real. I am serious and I am perfectly sane.

Other devices used on me - or other features of the same device - can apparently produce cardiac arrythmias [sic] and intense itching, as well as olfactory hallucinations in the waking state (in R.E.M. sleep, apparently, it can stimulate all the senses, producing bizarre dreams). This device broadcasts its signals everywhere I have gone. I can find no relief from the torture. It has continued in Amsterdam, Holland and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since it originates in the United States (probably in New York), it constitutes a clear violation of the national sovereignty of those two countries.

On September 9, 1987, my dog, a Norwegian Elkhound named Storm, suffered a fatal wound in our backyard. I believe that he was either shot or stabbed as an act of terrorism. This was planned at my workplace and involved public officials and others associated with my employers.

In or about 1984, public officials associated with my employers apparently poisoned me with germ warfare cultures obtained either from the Institute for Basic Research on Staten Island or from Fort Detrick, Maryland. This has provoked an ongoing case of Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. Those responsible have apparently influenced my personal physicians not to recognize or diagnose this condition. Despite medical tests indicative of poor physical condition, my physicians have refused to certify my disability on any grounds other than psychiatric. I have refused to diminish my credibility by acceding to a psychiatric diagnosis or by accepting psychiatric treatment. I am thus unable to work and unable to obtain Disability benefits.

Having made me too sick to come to work and too sick to do my job, my employers dismissed me without due process on December 13, 1988. This occurred as the result of an arbitration hearing that I was too sick to attend and which my union had refused to attend on my behalf. My appeals under New York State law were dismissed out of hand and without a formal hearing.

On October 16, 1989 [Note: The correct date was October 14, 1989], my wife drove to a tutoring appointment in my 1987 Dodge Colt. She parked the car across the street from her student's house, in a legal parking space. An accident occurred in which my car was totally ruined beyond repair. I became suspicious, having heard my torturers speak of an "old-fashioned repossession." I requested that the insurance company investigate the accident. A month later, the insurance adjuster tried to coerce me into signing a fraudulent "power of attorney" form that incorrectly indicated the car's serial number. He continued to insist on my signing it, even after I advised him of the correct number. Had I done so, I would have committed a crime under New Jersey law. I continued to insist on an investigation. There was none. The New Jersey Department of Insurance whitewashed the matter. The New Jersey Attorney General's Office will not answer my letters. I still have not been compensated for the loss of my car.

Apparently through mind-control techniques, government agents appear to have broken up my marriage. My former wife, Ms. Anna Maria Graf, appears to have been induced, during 1987 and ever since, to display contemptuous attitudes toward me, to discredit my claims, even those that are most documentable, to exclude me from many of her activities, to engage a divorce lawyer, and to press a divorce action knowing full well that I was at a distinct disadvantage and could not defend myself effectively. The ruthlessness with which she pursued this course of action strongly suggests undue influence by certain individuals in her life, including her counselor, Ms. Mary Lynn Kester, and her lawyer, Ms. Lenore Kramer Mohr. I can't prove it, but I believe government agents were behind it all.

V. Your Motive for Applying for Asylum

Give the reasons why you left your native country in order to apply for asylum. If you wish to state more details than there is room for on this page, you may use the reverse side of the sheets.

My answer:

I have been totally unable to obtain the equal protection of my country's laws, and just as unable in America to obtain effective advocacy. I have written to many government agencies. When I received any response at all, it consisted of insulting rejection or patronizing whitewash. I have written, between 1985 and 1988, ten letters to the New York State Special Prosecutor's Office. None has ever received a substantive response. To the best of my knowledge, no investigation took place. The crimes I reported have gone unpunished and unpublicized. My mail appears frequently to have been intercepted and my phone calls are sometimes diverted. Letters to New York State and New Jersey State Attorneys General and to the governors of those states have gone unanswered, as have letters to my senators (Mssrs. Bradley and Lautenberg), to other senators and congressmen, to the President and two of his cabinet officials, to the Director of the CIA, to the Hudson County, NJ Prosecutor's Office, and others.

My two complaints before the Office for Civil Rights of the United States Department of Health and Human Services resulted in ridiculous coverups. A third complaint last year was rejected. Federal Law enforcement officials have proved consistently evasive and insulting. My mayor and local police department will not answer my letters.

I have sought advocacy through private agencies, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch, and the Constitutional Law Clinic of Rutgers University Law School, all to no avail. I have written to and approached many private lawyers. No-one will take my case.

Please refer to my Chronology of Appeals for Advocacy and my Chronology of Contacts with Law Enforcement Agencies for a full list of these fruitless efforts.

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