Letter to UN Committee Against Torture March 20, 1997

No response was ever received.

76 Market Street, Apt. D5
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
United States of America
20 March, 1997 

Committee Against Torture
c/o Center for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Dear Committee Against Torture:

This communication is submitted for consideration under Article 22 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. It is a restatement and reaffirmation of an earlier unresolved complaint, dated 31 October, 1991.

The enclosed chronology of my contacts with United Nations agencies demonstrates the effectiveness of the international human rights conspiracy, described in my "1503" communication dated 30 January, 1997, that has deprived me of all recourse, remedy, or hope of rescue. My letter to your Committee dated 10 March, 1996 (copy enclosed), if received, was not acted upon, despite the fact that my complaint against Denmark and the Netherlands is now more than five years old.

I am attaching documentation showing that Denmark, far from providing remedies, now denies knowledge of this and my subsequent Human Rights complaint and, moreover, forecloses any further consideration of my asylum request.

The President of the Dutch Court that rejected my appeal in 1993 has responded to my earnest and respectful letter by stating: "It seems good to inform you that I see no possibility, nor any reason, to take further action." Belgian authorities have never responded to any communication I have sent.

I must apologize for my haphazard and disorganized presentation of the facts in previous communications. My torture is ongoing. Narrative expression of traumatic events is difficult. Upon obtaining your judgment regarding this complaint's admissibility, I can provide more documentation, including my unpublished magazine article "Hard Realities" and my ten-page letter dated 7 December, 1996 to Ms. Coelewij-Kolk of the Dutch Immigration Service. These provide the clearest and most succinct narration of events I have yet achieved.

Having at last obtained access to the full text of the Convention Against Torture, I can be more specific in my charges. I am charging the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark with the following violations of the Torture Convention:

Article 1

I note that the Convention's official definition makes no distinction between mental and physical torture. As I have communicated in the past, the torture inflicted upon me since 1987 is primarily mental, although the electromagnetic and chemical-microbial "biological process control" weapons used against me have also, on occasion, caused severe physical pain and distress. The attached selection of quotes from my letters and from broadcasts by researcher and broadcaster Dave Emory provides more specific information.

This torture, inflicted in retaliation for my "whistleblowing" and the free exercise of my civil and human rights, is conducted at the instigation of, or with the consent or acquiescence of, public officials in the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and possibly other nations. All nations known to be involved have been advised of my wish to file a complaint of torture.

Article 3

Denmark involuntarily repatriated me on 19 December, 1991, knowing full well that I had complained of electromagnetic mental torture in the United States, in the Netherlands, and within Denmark itself. I had provided Danish police with a copy of this UN communication in its original form, as written on a Danish typewriter at Sandholm Refugee Camp. The notes produced on 4 December, 1991 by Ms. Suzanne Jensen of the Danish Police clearly indicate her awareness of this complaint, of which the Danish government now denies knowledge (please refer to my correspondence in November and December, 1996 with Mr. Jorn Andersen of the Royal Danish Embassy). My letter of 9 November, 1991 to Minister of Justice Hans Viggo Jensen (copy enclosed) had informed Hr. Jensen of my UN Human Rights and Torture complaints. The last paragraph read as follows:

I call upon the Government of Denmark -- once the world leader in human rights -- to uphold the principles set forth in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to recognize and fairly investigate my allegations of torture, and to provide an effective remedy. If such remedy is beyond the power of the Danish Government, I request that Danish authorities provide me with such help and protection as are possible, advocating through diplomatic channels and before the court of world opinion in support of my essential human dignity and that of all persons everywhere. These crimes must be exposed to public view. Justice can never be done until the truth is brought to light.

The asylum application process had provided sufficient information to inform Danish authorities that I had experienced a clear pattern of gross and flagrant human rights violations in the United States. My home country was not yet a State Party to the Convention Against Torture or the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. To the best of my knowledge, no European country had yet formally adopted a "safe country of origin" policy.

Denmark nevertheless returned me against my will to the land of my torturers and remains, to this day, recalcitrant and deceitful with regard to its actions.

The Netherlands, having coerced me in 1991 into withdrawing my first asylum application, was also advised of my charges of torture in the course of my second asylum application in the autumn of 1992, and also of the campaign of harassment and threats carried out against me in Dutch territory by American agents (see the District Court decision dated 18 January, 1993). Dutch security forces nevertheless forcibly expelled me to the United States on 1 February, 1993. When I returned to Amsterdam on 4 February, 1993, claiming to have been illegally expelled and desirous of re-applying for asylum, Dutch authorities would not allow me to enter the country.

Belgian authorities also knew of my torture allegations. They nevertheless removed me on 12 October, 1993 from my bed at Van Helmont Hospital in Vilvoorde to a series of three prisons, where they subjected me to inhumane treatment until I "consented" to repatriation. Three days after this "voluntary" repatriation, I attempted suicide.

Article 12

I am not aware that any of the three European States in question conducted any "prompt and impartial investigation," though I maintain that all three had material knowledge of the matter.

Article 13

Though officials in Denmark and the Netherlands acknowledged my allegations of torture, as noted above under Article 3, neither country's "competent authorities" "promptly and impartially examined" those allegations. Far from protecting me, as a torture complainant, from ill- treatment or intimidation, these officials ignored such reprisals and may have encouraged or even instigated them. The same is true with respect to Belgian authorities.

Article 14

None of these European States provided any compensation or arranged for any rehabilitative services.

Article 16

The treatment meted out to me in Belgium with the apparent collusion of Dutch and American authorities, as noted and described in materials previously supplied to your Committee, was cruel, inhuman, and degrading. The severe cardiac arrythmia that brought me to Van Helmont Hospital on 5 February, 1993 was apparently triggered electromagnetically with a deadly "biological process control" weapon -- a fact never acknowledged by anyone on either side of the Atlantic.

Psychiatric discreditation, apparent experimentation with psychotropic medications, invasive and probably unnecessary medical tests (including cystoscopy, gastroscopy, and coloscopy), an apparently unnecessary appendectomy, and numerous x-rays and scans did nothing to prevent the permanent sexual dysfunction (retrograde ejaculation) that I developed while there or the severely painful deep venous thrombosis that could have cost me my life. Many fine and sincere medical professionals attended me in Belgium, but someone was making decisions that were not in my interest and may have been malicious. To place a torture victim in prison, moreover, including several days in the psychiatric ward at Merksplas, is an act of gross inhumanity and degradation.

I can provide further details and documentation. You can reach me at this address:

James H. Graf
76 Market Street, Apartment D5
Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861-4445
United States of America
Phone 908-324-7467
(After 1 June, 1997, 732-324-7467)

Please do not contact my former wife, whose name and address are contained in my original communication.

I stress once again that my torture is not an event long past, but an ongoing obscenity. Please act with dispatch to preserve what is left of my life.

Yours truly,
(original signed)
James H. Graf

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