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Safekeeping, by Shelly Call - An alternate universe Betty-Scott romance. Scott gives Betty something special of his just after he enlists.
Scott White and the Seven Actors, by Emma Redmer - Set after "And How." Part of the Fairy Tale Series. Scott's daydreaming about him and Betty turns into a gender-flipped, Wild-West version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Sellout at WENN, by Christina Wilson - Christina's ending to the infamous "Happy Homecomings" cliffhanger.
Sibling Rivarly, by Rachel Moninger - Scott's sister visits WENN and gives him some advice.
A Sleep In, by Rita Widmer - Betty and Scott discover love while snowed in on Christmas Eve.
Snow Betty and the Seven Guys Courting Disaster, by Diane Valancy - A very wacky Remember WENN fairy tale!
Special Birthdays, by Britt Graves - Jeff gives Hilary an extra special surprise for her birthday.
A Special Christmas, by Katie McNamara - Hilary and Jeff's parents visit during Christmas 1941.
A Surprised Scott, by Rita Widmer - Betty surprises Scott when she takes up his offer of a date.
Surprise, by Alice Burton - Hilary and Jeff have a very close encounter in a closet during "Christmas in the Airwaves".
Surprises! Surprises! - Betty chooses which man she wants to remain at WENN in Rita's conclusion to All Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front!

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