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Title - L

The Last Page, by Christina Wilson - The cast must solve the mystery on "Sam Dane, Private Eye" when a new intern loses the last page of the script.
The Legacy, by Dana Sherman -While on a date with Scott, Betty asks him why he decided to come back to WENN after Pruitt fired him.
Leisure, by Nina Trask - Betty receives a surprise visit from Scott on her day off.
A Leisurely Lunch, by Nina Trask - Scott's leisurely lunch with Betty doesn't turn out quite as he planned...
Letters, by Shalla Wilson - Gertie helps Betty cope with Scott's enlistment in this alternative universe romance.
Life Isn't Always Easy, by Shalla Wilson - Scott's thoughts on Betty, Victor, and winning her back after the end of "Some Time, Some Station".
Lightning Strikes!, by Rebecca Immich - Each member of the WENN staff must resolve their conflicts when a lighting storm knocks out the power.
Little Girl Lost, by Emma Redmer - Emily Jackman, a new intern at WENN, creates havoc when she mixes up the scripts!
The Little Mer-Betty, by Emma Redmer - Set during "Behind Every Great Woman." Part of the Fairy Tale Series. Betty, a mermaid princess, falls for human sailor Scott and goes to sea witch Hilary to make her human. But Hilary has a price for Betty's legs...
The Loop, by Dana Sherman - An elderly Betty Roberts recieves a very surprising vistor one night...
Love Remembered, by Adina Bernstein - Betty and Scott encounter each other in 1954. Can they renew their relationship?
Love Story Series, by Rita Widmer - A series of tales about Scott's wooing and winning of Betty and their subsequent marriage!
Lucky Strike, by Katie McNamara - What happened after Hilary punched Jeff in "You've Met Your Match"?
Lunch Hour, by Dana Sherman - Victor spends a lonely lunch hour while playing "Jonathan Arnold" in Berlin.

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