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Title - C

Cinderella of the Airwaves, by Emma Redmer - Betty Roberts is too busy to go to Gloria Redmond's party on New Year's Eve, but with a little help from the WENN staff and a very modern fairy godmother, she may be the belle of the ball.
Christmas Basket, by Dana Sherman - Maple finds a baby in the Green Room on Christmas Morning 1941.
Christmas Memories, by Katie McNamara - An alternative version of Christmas 1941 at WENN.
The Cliffhanger and the Clock, by Linda Dawson - We find out who Hilary's married to in this Rupert-Award-winning ending to "All Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front".
A Cold December, by Christina Wilson - Betty's ordinary December day turns bitter in this alternate version of Pearl Harbor at WENN.
The Cure for Insomnia, by Kevin Schulz - Scott and Betty share a quiet moment one late night at the station.
Curtain Call, by Ally K. - A now elderly Hilary Booth reminices about Jeff and WENN with her young, familiar nurse.

Last Updated November 14th, 2002

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