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Second Season Fanfiction

Night and Day, by Jill Seib - C.J takes Maple on a date and ends up defending her honor.
Special Birthdays, by Britt Graves - Jeff gives Hilary an extra special surprise for her birthday.
A Tale of Thanksgiving, by Dana Sherman - Hilary and Jeff invite the WENN staff to a Thanksgiving party.
Surprise, by Alice Burton - Hilary and Jeff have a very close encounter in a closet during "Christmas in the Airwaves".
The WENN Nutcracker Suite, by Emma Redmer - Betty has a strange dream on Christmas Eve.
Cinderella of the Airwaves, by Emma Redmer - Betty Roberts is too busy to go to Gloria Redmond's party on New Year's Eve, but with a little help from the WENN staff and a very modern fairy godmother, she may be the belle of the ball.
Ruth and Hilary, by Adina Bernstein - Hilary explains how she and Ruth Geddy became rivals.
The Little Mer-Betty, by Emma Redmer - Set during "Behind Every Great Woman." Part of the Fairy Tale Series. Betty, a mermaid princess, falls for human sailor Scott and goes to sea witch Hilary to make her human. But Hilary has a price for Betty's legs...
A Surprised Scott, by Rita Widmer - Betty surprises Scott when she takes up his offer of a date.
Leisure, by Nina Trask - Betty recieves a surprise visit from Scott on her day off.
A Leisurely Lunch, by Nina Trask - Scott's leisurely lunch with Betty doesn't turn out quite as he planned.
A Night at the Ballet, by Christina Wilson - There's a part of Scott that no one knows about, and he'd prefer to keep it that way...if Hilary and Jeff will let him.
Romance and Welsh Rarebit, by Rebecca Immich - C.J falls in love with a waitress at the Buttery!

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