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Questions and Answers on Spiritual Healing

First, what is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing, contact healing or laying on of hands is a beautiful and natural healing process that brings the best doctors of the Spirit World to alleviate pain and sickness for a people on Earth. It is done through the services of a trained and certified healer who creates a link, a channel between the spirit doctors and healing guides and the patient. It is the most natural healing process there is, and it works!

What is the process? What happens in a healing?

First, the healer will make you welcome, and sit you down so you feel relaxed and put your mind at ease. He will then probably ask you to describe your sickness, pains or problems, and their history. At this point he may hold your hands to tune into your energy, your vibration, and even sense your specific condition. Then he will offer a prayer or supplication to God, Infinite Intelligence for healing. It is important to realize that all healing energies and forces come from God. The healer will then attune to the spirit realm to contact his healing guides or the right spirit doctors for your condition. Once, attunement is established, he may continue to hold your hands, or he may place his hands on your shoulders, standing either in front of you or behind you. The healer may then place one hand over the affected part, his other hand still maintaining contact with the patient as is convenient.

Will I feel anything? I don’t like pain.

On the contrary, spiritual healing is very relaxing. One thing you will probably notice, is that the healer’s hands become quite warm as the spiritual healing energies start to come through.. This is natural. Many people find it very uplifting, providing a sense of inner awareness.

Will I be healed immediately, or will I have to come back for more sessions?

Time has no bearing on spiritual healing. Sometimes, you will find the condition is healed totally with one session, sometimes it may take several visits to your healer. If you feel impatient, work to be relaxed, feel good and know that the healing forces are working with you at all times.

One of your church members suggested that I should do my part. What does that mean?

Can you envision yourself healed and well, returned to good health at the physical, mental and spiritual level? If you can do this, you will find your own natural healing processes start to work on your condition. Then spiritual healing may take less time, but the best attitude to have is one of relaxation, and confidence in Infinite Intelligence and the healing doctors in spirit.

Will my condition -- my sickness -- return?

Spiritual healing is normally permanent, however, there are exceptions and they rest with you, the patient. It is suggested that a patient maintain basic rules of health and well-being. That is cleanliness, good eating habits and plenty of rest. The renewal of strength and the beginning of healing starts with the patient. Right thinking and right action are good policies. If you pursue the habits or activities that triggered the condition in the first place, and after healing, continue with those negative habits or activities, chances are the condition will return. You are responsible for yourself.

I belong to another church and they don’t do healing. I have a feeling your spiritual healing won’t work for me.

Healers come across all sorts of blocks and prejudices, mainly because people don’t understand. Our patients are of all creeds, races, ages, sexes, colors, because everyone on Earth is a person in spirit, and we are here to help heal those in need.

Do I need to have faith to make this spiritual healing work?

Faith has virtually nothing to do with spiritual healing. There are many times when a recipient of healing does not even know is he receiving it, yet he responds and does much better.

You mentioned God, Infinite Spirit earlier. Do Spiritualists believe in God and Jesus?

Modern spiritualists recognize God or Infinite Intelligence as being everywhere. All spiritual healing is a manifestation of God. We see Jesus, not as an idolized figure, but as Master Teacher who taught us logical Right Thinking and Right Action, and a Healer who emphasized and taught Hands on Healing, a practice Spiritualists continue to develop today. You should know that all healing energies and forces are from God. The other great teacher, the Apostle Paul wrote: “Make love your aim and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts.” One of those gifts is healing.

Will this be confidential? I don’t want others to know.

Healer-patient ethics are extremely important in spiritual healing. First, whatever is disclosed to the healer during healing is considered strictly private and confidential. The healer will discuss your condition with absolutely no one, except you.

If the healer detects something really serious in my condition, will he tell me?

Spiritual healers are not medical doctors and not trained nor qualified to make a diagnosis of a serious condition, but during or after healing, the healer will suggest that you consult your own physician. Spiritual healing will, nevertheless, continue as required.

Do some healings fail?

There are many reasons why a healing will fail. For example, the patient continues to break the rules of good health that brought about the illness in the first place, or there might be psychological-mental reasons why healing is being blocked, and thus appears to fail. Spiritual healing may well reduce or eliminate “mental blocks,” or if the blocks are too deep and intense, the patient may need to seek proper counseling.

What are the spiritual healer’s qualifications?

First and foremost the healer must have a desire, a passion for healing. He must want to serve all of mankind. He will have studied healing extensively, both in theory and practice. To achieve his certification and commission he will have served as a student healer in a church for at least one year preceding the application, and treated at least six people who have provided notarized affidavits to the healing and its results. Finally, he will take the National Spiritualist Association of Churches Examination.

Why don’t medical and scientific people appreciate spiritual healing?

Unfortunately, a gap has existed for centuries between spiritual healers and secular medicine, however the gap is slowly reducing as more and more doctors and scientists come to recognize the importance of spirituality in the healing of human conditions. Researchers are studying spiritual healing more and more. In the United Kingdom today, over 8,000 registered healers are officially recognized in the health-care system, and are certified to treat patients in over 1,500 government hospitals. Physicians in private practice in Britain refer patients to healers and invite healers to practice in their clinics. This all resulted from an initial campaign launched by British spiritual healer, Harry Edwards. So things are moving, but we have along way to go in other parts of the world.

How much does spiritual healing cost?

Spiritual healing is free, but if you wish to make a donation to the local church, that would be welcome. But you are under no obligation whatsoever.

One last question: You mentioned spirit doctors. Who are they and why would they help us?

Many of them served as doctors, surgeons, specialists and scientists when they lived on Earth, the physical as we call it. When they passed over into the Spirit World, they continued to conduct research and learn, and frequently are ready to assist those of us in the physical--those who are suffering or in need. Spirit doctors and spirit guides are devoted to the betterment of mankind. Remember Jesus told the Apostles to “heal the sick...and say unto them, the Kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.” The spiritual healing experience may well change the way you think about yourself and your place in the Universe.

May you walk in the light of God’s healing love. Would you like a healing? If so, contact your nearest Spiritualist Church. For more information, contact the National Spiritualist Association of Churches or visit The Healing Experience Links Page where you will find various links to sources, including the great Harry Edwards’ Sanctuary in England.

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