Links That May Help You

National Guild of Hypnotists in U.S.
Sound Healers Association
American Society of Dowsers
Dr. John Beaulieu's "Bionsonic Repatterning"
REINCARNATION WORKS -- Diane Egby-Edwards in UK
Duplication-Solutions: Your CD/DVD Duplicators.
Body, Mind and Spirit Directory
Canada's Vance Romane -- Master Hypnotist
The International Association of Hypno-Analysts in UK
Northern Paradise, Wellesley Island, NY
PARASTUDY -- Center for Enlightenment
National Spiritualist Association of Churches
International Spiritualist Alliance, New Westminster, Canada
The Official Helen Duncan Page (Medium Gets Posthumous Pardon)
Morris Pratt Institute
Glastonbury Abbey--the New Jerusalem!
Welcome to Glastonbury?
Reiki Healing at Glastonbury UK
In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene
The OmPlace, the Alternative Directory
International Association of Hypnoanalysts (UK)
Access New Age: Source for Things Metaphysical
American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
South Jersey Paranormal Research.
Special Feature: Walking About in Downtown Maidenhead

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