THE HEALING EXPERIENCE! "It is so peaceful..."

"A little feedback for you…I have had Diabetes for around 15 years. My blood sugar levels are normalizing. This morning it was 102. Before I had readings between 180-220 routinely." ---S.M. New Albany, Indiana. (7/16/2022)

"PS - our home, for the probably only the second perhaps third time in 7 years my husband and I lay in bed last night holding hands and he said for the first time ever “it is so peaceful” and I agreed. There was such a tenderness in the room along with a noticeable quietness. How soft it was! I love it. I believe that it is a realist of your work. From my heart I send many hugs of gratitude!" --- T.C. Lincoln Park, NJ. (1/4/2022)

"My husband used to have his blood pressure at 135-137 and he is on meds. After you applied the remedy he already feels better and his blood pressure is already down to 120-124 which he has not seen before. He was affected by it and is feeling much better. Thank you for the change." ------ K.C. Herndon, VA. (10/7/2022)

"Thank you, Robert Egby, for clearing the geopathic stress zone running through our house, yesterday! ?? Much appreciated! I was able to walk and cook and bend down yesterday...unlike the previous five days.... Wow!" -- T.G. Langley, B.C. Canada.

<3>"We have some exciting news. The house you dowsed and cleared for us, the roses are blooming again for the first time in over five years. And the mulberry tree that has not borne fruit in years is loaded Pretty cool stuff." J & J. Thayer, Montana.

"Hi Robert, I want to thank you again for your help. My daughter is doing much better! Her legal woes are lessening and she now has a positive outlook on life. She is allowed to have contact with her family once again. One thing that my son-in-law noticed from your photo is the geopathic stress ran right through her bedroom! Wow! Thank you from a very grateful Mom." -- M.F.New Jersey.

"I just wanted to update you on what has happened since you cleared my home. It's a calm relaxing place now. My water pressure is much better. My dog sleeps in her old spot next to me and the two dogs don't fight now. My pig no longer constantly beats on the door. We are all feeling much better. Thank you so much." --- M.P. Bridgeton, N.J.

"My store has stayed consistently busy throughout the whole day and lots of new people. Children don’t want to leave they have this attachment to stay in the store. Just feel lots of love and warmth coming from the people who do come in. Outside in the play area where the kids play and were the actually fault line is I noticed more people are sitting where that fault is where before you didn’t really see them sitting on the grass there. It’s just so busy in the center area lots of friends and family getting together." T.H. Newport Beach, CA.

"Robert,I was soo tired around seven p.m.then just around eight p.m. I felt a burst of energy and I felt better. You are amazing. Thank you so much, your System truly works!" -- M.O. Manhasset, NY.

Hello Robert,Gratefully I tell you that yesterday was probably the most "authentic day" of my almost 9 yr. marriage. Both of us were centered "together", we worked on of all things some spring cleaning in such harmony. We had music playing and took time out to dance together. Nothing "romantic" or even "sensual" in nature....just having fun.
Let it be known that for 8+yrs. we haven't had a day like this one. Instead, it was a marriage of much disharmony, chaos and emotional abuse.
Today, we were relatively in the same space of unity. I'm very amazed by this! My husband who is not naturally "warm and fuzzy" shared that he wanted to dance more and live life together to the fullest with more time out for dancing.
This morning during my ritual prayer/meditation time, my "third eye" was opened and I felt a surge of grace that I hadn't experienced in ages.
Thank you for clearing the negative forces and "boosting" the energy. I look forward to meeting you and Betty Lou someday.
Sending you blessings of love and light.Thankfully.
---- J.B. Monroe, NJ

Since your clearing, I am scheduling more sessions than ever before!! Referrals, new and repeat clients!! What a game changer!!! I am incredibly grateful!! Thank you Robert!! --- K.H. Indianapolis, IN

"Neither my husband nor I were home at the time of the clearing, but I already notice the difference in several ways. Since Wednesday, I have been sleeping through the night without hip pain. Both my husband and I seem to be a lot more loving toward each other. And I just have an all around feeling of happiness and appreciation." --- S.P. Henniker N.H.

Thank you, thank you...can't thank you enough.The most amazing is my energy, I used to work so hard to keep my energy level up, now I just have it, and it feels amazing to be able to do work around the house. My home start feeling clean, open, I feel the space and the air. Another big change is my physical pain, my knees and bonds are free of pain, pain in the knees comes back sometimes but it goes away... I'm so grateful. My kids are away but I cant wait for them to be back and feel the changes." --- W.G. Linden, NJ.

(THIS ONE FROM ADELAIDE, S. AUSTRALIA) G'day Robert,many thanks for clearing my house so quickly. When I woke up on Sunday morning at around 6am as I often do, before I drifted off back to sleep I had the thought that the house seems 'lighter' now. When I got up a couple of hours later and checked my emails I found you had already cleared the house, so even half asleep I could feel the difference ! I wasn't really surprized to see that one of the geopathic stress lines runs right through my bedroom- it explains a lot ! I have now put through the payment to your Paypal account. Thank you kindly for your help, much appreciated. ---- K.K. Adelaide, South Australia.

"Hi Robert: my back is not sore in the morning any more. maybe just 5% of what it used to be. I have had my cottage for over 20 years. I have never seen so much wildlife come to my yard before ever. Rabbits, raccoons, all kinds of birds (and lots of them), squirrels, chipmunks, hummingbirds, wild turkeys, ground hog, porcupines...
"I have one bird feeder and last weekend a variety of the animals are all there in the daytime eating grass and fallen bird seed, all together. It's the weirdest thing. yes, I had woodland wildlife before, but not so much, and not hanging out throughout day. The wildlife takes off when I go outside, but the birds stay close." --- M.M. Ontario, Canada.

"I have to tell you that my radon test came back at 1.25 pCI/L, which the inspector said he has never seen before in my area. He was amazed and I give you credit for that because when I moved in back in 2007, it was a 3 pCI/L and as long as it is below 4, it is viewed as acceptable by standards." J.S. Easton, CT

"I appreciate your quick response for my friend and the success I had with the sale of my commercial property. Thank you." -- R.G. Novato, CA.

"Robert, you are remarkable and a blessing. I'm still in bed this morning and woke up to take a full breathe of air that filled my lungs. It felt clear. My lungs felt full, clean and I KNEW you did something. My nostrils are not stuffy or dry. I can't wait to get up out of bed and not struggle to breathe heavily and pant up and down the stairs while struggling for air. THANK YOU already!!!!!" ---- L.B. Denville, NJ.

"Dear Robert, since you cleared my land, it is extraordinary how many birds nests I see there now. Before, I saw ONE. I have even bought binoculars to start bird watching!! Also, my neighbor, who I had a bad relationship with, came over for a misdirected package, and was NICE to me. I hope that this continues, as it warmed my heart. I will continue to keep you posted, as you requested." --- C.S. Dexter NY.

"The spot where the incoming stream splits, that you indicated on the roof of my commercial building is directly over an office cubical where 6 employees over the past 10 years have abruptly quit or resigned for no previous issues or warning signs. That office cubicle is referred to as the “evil corner.” Three of these employees were long term, loyal employees. The last one resigned a few weeks ago, abruptly after ten years with the company."--- P.J. Virginia Beach, VA.

"Greetings Robert! I just want to give you an update since you cleared my house about a month ago. My husband has been recovering from serious chronic health issues. Out of the blue a few days ago he said to me, “I have not felt this well in years!” I have felt much calmer and less stressed. Your clearing was truly wonderful. I enjoyed your book and am not surprised that many turn a blind eye to your information.With much gratitude." ---- B.G. Salisbury, MD.

“Thank you so much for the work you did on my house. It does feel calmer and easier to be in. I also have noticed my animals feel more relaxed.” --- S.M. Wallingford, PA.

"Thank you so much for the clearing. The house feels lighter and we all slept last night which is very unusual! I am feeling very cheery this morning so that's brilliant." --- Y.F. Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland.

“I was happy to hear that there is no geopathic stress zone affecting my home. Thank you for the information on crystals and for the Cosmic Principle you placed in my backyard. Here is a donation for the help you have given me. Blessings.” J.A. Elmira, NY.

“Dear Robert: Walter is absolutely thrilled by his home clearing. He now is able to get from his bed in the morning with less pain and every day he is feeling so much better to the point he is able to walk without a cane.” M.B. Elmira NY

“I wanted to tell you how much our house has changed these last few days. There was an immediate change but as time goes on the change is incredible. My cats are so much calmer. I think they are very sensitive to energy and react by running around and generally acting out. I know my foster kitten has become another animal. He is calm and has stopped jumping on the counter and my husband has even been waiting to clean up his clutter.” D.F. Doylestown PA

“Thank you for the clearing. I have always had concerns with my backyard because of the walnut trees we have. I haven’t been able to grow a garden (vegetable) there.” S.K. Elmira NY.

"I initially and briefly noticed a sweet odor (pleasant) that I hadn't noticed before. I was curious about that. The ongoing impact is that I'm not waking with a headache every day! I may also have more energy, but I don't want to speak too soon on that! Again, thank you very much." C.S. Corning, NY

"Robert-I DID feel a difference last night when I came home and I actually woke up this morning without any body aches or pains and feel no more while and peaceful than I have in years. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. Blessings to you for this important work." D.W. Lawrenceville, NJ

Robert, I wanted to let you know that things are so much better in my home. I will tell you how it started. I noticed as I was moving from one room to another that my body was very tense. Picture how your body would feel if you were out shopping during the holiday season. Tense and ready to fight through the crowd of people. Well as I felt this tenseness I literally stopped in my tracks. All of a sudden at that moment I realized there was nothing to fight through. It was like my body realized whatever was once in my home that made me feel like that was gone. The house was free flowing. I no longer had to “fight” my way through my own home. It was a very very weird realization. What was happening? What had we been exposed too all of these years living here? My mind was literally trying to wrap around what I was feeling. It felt so freeing.

We also realized how relaxed we are. We feel at ease. Something we haven’t felt in about a decade. I don’t think we really realized how tense we were until that feeling was gone. It’s very strange but great to feel like this! I never want this feeling to end. My body just feels so much better and my family is happier. Thank you so much!
C.H. Mount Royal, NJ

.I am sleeping better and having interesting dreams... I wish I could remember them more clearly!! But since the clearing my dog who passed two years ago has started to visit me in dreams. First time since his passing! Guess he's happy the stress zone has been cleared!! M.M. Elmira, NY

I’m noticing subtle energy changes in different areas of the house.. I take note that something feels different and then ask, “Is this my imagination or am I actually feeling differences? I can almost breathe easier - and yes it is lighter. My husband made it til 5 am today instead of getting up at his usual 3 a.m. I still went to bed late but my daughter and her boy friend arrived late and wanted to visit so that enters into the equation. I didn’t even tell my husband that the clearing took place. I will simply document to see if there are changes. Am very relieved and grateful that you were able to do this. M.G. Corning, NY

Dear Robert. You are a bit amazing. I do have my first story for you

I meditate on the top south east of our property, I have only started this a week ago in this spot ( I had a dream that this was the place I needed to be ) every morning I go sit in the grass and send energy though my body and push it out over our land. I did this yesterday and the colours that flowed though me were reds and orange like a wave of fire, I didn’t think much of this as I go with the colours that are given to me but I felt something needing to be pushed away or down … something.

This morning I did the same thing, my colours were white and pale blue and I found it easy to flow this though the land. I didn’t understand why it was so easy to move the energy as yesterday I had hot colours and hard to move, the days previous were similar.

I received your email and it all made sense to me.We thank you for clearing our land and look forward to what more it will bring.
K.M. Bakers Hill, Western Australia.

Dear Robert, Thank you so much for clearing our house and property and so promptly. We did hear unusual noises around and inside the house throughout the day yesterday: My husband commented several times that the wind was whistling outside with a sound we haven’t heard here in the past – and he doesn’t know anything about this! I heard new metallic sounds in the kitchen, and different creaking sounds above our bedroom. All very intriguing! With love and smiles. L.H. Princeton/Kingston NJ

Dear Robert: Thank you for the clearing of my house and the neighbors'. Many subtle and interesting things have happened. One thing is I have been able to put in place some consistent things that have always been elusive to me. I was always doing external things and just getting by with household chores. I am feeling more and more that I enjoy being a homebody and want to do things around my home. I wonder if the Hartmann Grid point was holding me out of my home or at least not wanting me to be here that much. I plan to help others as well too. May blessngs to you. M.P. Rochester, NY

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