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This is my Aircraft Building Page

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At this time I am building my 3rd experimental Aircraft.. a Cozy MKIV its a canard Type airiplane that was designed by Nat Puffer....
Below are links to pictures of my projects including the present building of my Cozy MKIV

My first homebuilt a Teenie two

It took me 5 years to built this little toy

My 3 place Cozy still without an engine....

Fellow Builder Chris Scala's Cozy MKIV

Chapter4 bulkheads

Chapter 5 fuselage sides

Chapter6 assembling the Fusalage Tub

Chapter7 The Fusalage Tub Bottom

My Amateur radio Page

Here are my favorite links. Please go and visit them.

My Favorite Sites

A Great Jazz band I do sound for .. Urban Jazz Coalition

Marc Zeitlins Cozy Page

Recording studio

MyFamily page

My Ducks and Chickens page

My present work location WTTM 1680 am Stereo princeton ,NJ

My Collection of old broadcast transmitters

My present Gates transmitters on the air

MyFriends page

My Falconry page

The Big Band Association

Family friend Donnas Page I made for her


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