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Amateur Radio

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Pics of MyYard future antenna farm

I hold an FCC advanced class amateur radio license.
my call letters are
K A 2 C A F....
I own and operate the ka2caf/r system
here in Monroe Township ,NJ..
on the following frequencys...
2 meters 147.120 + offset 162.2 pl(W2CJA/R)
2 meters 145.230 - offset 136.5 pl
220Mhz 224.50 - offset 131.8 pl
440Mhz 446.175 -offset 131.8 pl
6 meters 53.71/52.71 open......
6 meters 53.67/52.67 Open PL 67
The 145.23 repeater is currently off.. I Hope To link it to the larger 145.23 Repeater system in NYC as a southern link/receiver input.

The 147.12 repeater is Back at its Old Tower site In OldBridge,NJ

The 446.175 Machine is also at the OldBridge site.

The Old 145.23/ 224.50 and the 6 meter machines are still In Monroe Township.

If your in the area feel free to use the machines.. Its an open system...
Pictures of the Repeater system.

Pics the Complete System with all the machines fitting into 2 racks left top to bottom right 446.175 duplexer and repeater. Wacom Duplexer and Spectrum repeater with MCC-100 Controller running 35 watts. 147.12 Hamtronics repeater with MCC-1000V controller and amp Running 110watts. Behind Fan unit is RF amp. Bottom of cabinet is 6 cavity Celwave duplexer behind wood cover. Rack on Right. Wacom duplexer on top with 145.230 repeater (Maggiore Boards) running 30 watts with SCom 7K controller. below that on shelf. is a Mitrek Mobile Converted to 6 meter repeater on 53.71 using MCC-100 controller running 60 watts using a 1-5/8 Helix(hardline)Duplexer mounted on wall behind rack. bottom repeater is 224.50 a spectrum SCR-1000 and MCC-100 Controller Running 30 watts into a celwave 4 cavity duplexer.

446.175 repeater and Duplexer

147.12 repeater

The door open looking at the 147.12 repeaters 180 watt amp set at 120 watts Powersupply to right on shelf is For the receiver Preamp.

Top of cabinet to right. Wacom Duplexer and the Maggiore repeater on 145.230 with Scom 7k controller below it.

The Motorola Mitrek mobile converted to the 6 meter repeater On 52.71/53.71 duplexer cannot be seen mounted on wall behind cabinet. with Spectrum SCR-1000 on 224.50. duplexer for 220 is seen at bottom of rack.

The Next 2 pictures are of my son Dale standing In front of the system

I am Also very active On 160 Meters AM.. using an Inverted L up 45 feet .
My Next project is a Unipole for 160...

My RCA Broadcast transmitter For My 160 meter Am station I can Be heard on 1885kc almost nightly

My Gates Broadcast transmitter Restoration page

My Collins Broadcast transmitter Restoration page

I am Chief Engineer/Chief Operator of a 10kw AM radio station WTTM 1680

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Last modified on Sunday, August 16, 1998